DLM is the first all-in-one medical marketing company to offer real-time reporting which aligns your marketing data with your patient scheduling system or EMR.

150+ Integrations

Merging your marketing data with the data in your practice management system or EMR is a challenge most practices face every day. DLM offers over 150 integrations. These integrations make it easier to quickly connect to all of the tools you use to run your practice. The ability to connect and overlay marketing analytics with real time practice management or EMR data allows us to get more clearer insights into the data you need. This allows your practice to make more educated decisions on marketing spend and expense allocation. 

First in the Industry

DLM is the first all-in-one medical marketing company to offer real-time practice management or EMR integration with your marketing data. We have perfected a process that allows us to implement this technology into your practice in under 30 days. 

With prompt implementation you will notices the value right away which allows you to hit the ground running toward higher revenue, better insights and more opportunity. 


Fully-Customizable Analytics

Your practice is one-of-a-kind, and that means you face unique situations on a daily basis. Canned metrics typically don't provide the answers you need from your data. But with DLM, your dashboard can be built and fully customized in a way that best suits your needs. If there is specific metrics you are looking for, we can build this custom at no additional cost. Don't be limited by generic canned metrics, get the insights you deserve.

Unlimited Real-Time Updates

Most data providers think “real time” means updating your data once per day. But we know that’s not always enough (or even close to real time).

With DLM, your data is refreshed every 5 minutes. This unique feature keeps you always up-to-date. 

Safe and Secure

Your DLM dashboard is private and secure with read-only access to your data. All data is transmitted over the internet via SSL encryption, so nothing is ever exposed.

If we choose to connect to your own database, we use a reverse SSH tunnel so your data resides behind a secure firewall and you never have to open a port.

Send Automated Reports

The DLM dashboard offers the ability to schedule out automated email reports to members on your team. This allows you to keep your team in know in real-time.