Patient Relationship Platform

When it comes to Patient relationship management, consistency & scalability is key. Insight helps practices streamline Patient communication through email, SMS and calling. This is accomplished through automated engagement and re-engagement as well as providing a centralized CRM tool to communicate with leads. Middle of the funnel lead management is the single most important area a practice can focus on to increase profitability.


  • Automatically add all lead sources to simple to modern user interface
  • Unlimited practice users with custom user permissions
  • Simple drag and drop interface to manage lead status prior to booking appointment
  • Users can email HIPAA secure custom emails or templates
  • Users can send encrypted SMS messages to leads as well as 2 way SMS messages
  • Users can call leads directly out of the CRM and log call data to the contact record
  • CRM communicates with practice scheduling and EMR systems and auto imports patient appointment, patient demographic and payment data
  • Users can setup tasks to remind them when to followup with leads to increase scheduled appointment rates
  • Measure lead response time by user and overall revenue performance by marketing channel

Email & SMS Automations

  • Setup procedure specific automated drip emails or SMS as soon as a lead is generated
  • Setup automated re-engagement emails to followup with leads who have not booked an appointment
  • Send out automated emails to leads who revisit your website. Getting in front of them when the time is right for them.

Secure Telemedicine Visits

  • Use a calendar to schedule online virtual appointments that are HIPAA compliant
  • Patient receives a link to their email with the meeting room
  • Practice users can start meeting 10 minutes before meeting time
  • Practice users can send email reminders to patient automatically or manually

EMR Integration & Marketing Revenue Analysis

  • Track all leads, calls and referral sources through to revenue with pinpoint accuracy with our EMR integrations. 
  • Revenue forecasting based off of EMR and marketing past performance and trends. 
  • Automatically add patient demographic, appointment and revenue data to Insight lead record. 
  • Measure lead appointment, surgery and LTV rates per marketing channel.
  • Analyze top performing services, gender, and provider data. 
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