Marketing Automation

Streamline Patient Communication

There are a lot of day-to-day tasks that receptionists do for practices that can be streamlined. This is where marketing automation comes in. 

What is Marketing Automation (MA)

Marketing Automation can be several different things, but the application that we implement the most is streamline communication. If a lead comes in off your contact form on your website, we can automatically send emails, text messages, and assign tasks to your staff for follow up. The email and text messages to the lead can all be personalized based off what we know about that lead. Say for example, the lead enters that they are interested in a Mommy Makeover. We can send the lead information about mommy makeover over a specified period. We can also send them an SMS that asks them specifically if they would like to setup a Mommy Makeover Consult. This is marketing automation. It is streamlining the communication to opportunities so that the experience is consistent from one lead to the next.

Another example of marketing automation is putting together a marketing campaign that auto sends and email or SMS 6 months after a lead came in for an injectable or filler. With EMR integration, we can achieve this level of targeting and automation.

Does MA Make My Practice Less Personal?

This is a common concern that we hear, but one that is very simple to address. Marketing automation with email and SMS can be done in a way that appears completely natural. The idea behind automation is to mask the email and SMS to appear as though it is coming from the practice. If a lead responds to the SMS or email it will send directly to whichever email you want to receive the responses.

Automation is only meant to help with tedious consistent tasks not takeover complete communication.

What Next?

We are well versed in building out custom processes and workflows for medical practices. Contact us today if your staff is doing similar tasks over and over again. This is where we can help with Marketing Automation for medical practices. 

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