Branding and Logos

Branding & Logos

A successful practice starts with a solid brand and relatable identity. A good brand needs to create action. The best way to do this is to relate to your target market on an empathetic level. When a practice comes on board with DLM, we typically start with a branding discussion. If the practice needs a brand revamp, we will provide this service. If the practice’s brand is in good shape, then there is no need to fix what isn’t broken.

Your Brand Matters

Your brand is extremely important and you need to make sure the design strikes a response from your target market. We specialize in custom design that delivers results. Our branding process is as follows:


User Research
Practice Research
Competition Analysis


Wire Framing / Page Design 
Layout Usability Testing


Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Mobile Audit

How to Design a Powerful Brand

When we design a brand for a practice, we typically work through 6 primary stages. These stages are as follows:

This is where we start. If a practice is looking for branding, we will do a discovery meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to identify short- and long-term goals for the practice as well as the target market. We go through a series of questionnaires that help us really nail down the intricacies of the brand. After this meeting we begin to work on the concept.

After the initial practice goal meeting, we do extensive research on the target market. This step is crucial in being able to create a brand that the target market can get behind.

Once we feel comfortable with the market research, we go right into Logo Design. The logo is the heart of any great brand. We put together several concepts that play off of the research and goals. We are always looking for an empathetic approach to our design as the results tend to be better if the brand creates an emotional reaction. When we finish the logo proofs, we setup a meeting with the client to review them.

After the logo is approved, we will work on any visual elements that may work for the brand. Not every brand has significant visual elements, but this is a good exercise as there may be underlying opportunity waiting to be discovered.

After the logo is completed, we work on the rest of the color palette and practice branding elements for consistency. This includes reworking print material for the practice such as business cards, brochures, letterheads, rack cards, etc.

The design of the brand is done, the logo looks great, now it is time to make sure everyone knows the correct way to use it. We put together a style guide that everyone can refer to in order to make sure the fonts, colors, and elements are used consistently across all mediums.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact DLM if you are looking at your brand and thinking, damn this doesn’t look too good. Or, if you are a new practice without a brand, we would be happy to work side-by-side with you in creating a compelling and empathetic brand for your practice.

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