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Website Maintenance

You know those day-to-day requests that you have, like add this pic or take down this page? That is website maintenance. If you are looking for a team that will fully manage your website and make those day-to-day requests promptly, then we are your team. We design and develop our websites in a way that 90% of these requests can be done by any one of us at DLM, not just a developer. This picks up efficiency and proactiveness.

What Are Examples of Website Maintenance?

There are many tasks that qualify as website maintenance. Let’s review some of the most common requests:

  • Swapping out images
  • Editing content that is already on the website
  • Adjusting navigation layouts
  • Adding before and after pictures
  • Adding procedure pages to the website if the content is already written. If you need us to write the content and you do not have this in your agreement with DLM then we will charge separate for a content writing.

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What Can I Expect on a Month-to-Month Basis?

You can expect us to bust our ass making these changes as quickly and accurately as possible. We do up to 4 hours of website maintenance per client. If requests exceed 4 hours for the month, which has never happened, we will bill per hour until the next month.  Rest assured we have built this company to scale and website maintenance requests typically take 10 mins per request.

What's Next?

If you want responsive and fast turnaround on your day-to-day website requests, then we are the team for you. Contact us today to learn more about our website maintenance services. 

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