Just owning a domain is not going to get traffic to your website. Depending on your location, you are competing with numerous of competitors for keyword searches prospective patients are typing into the search engines. Not only that, you are competing for the top 5 results

of the first page for these keyword searches. If you are not in the top 5 results then 70% of the traffic from these keywords will not see your website. This means you will receive less traffic and ultimately fewer conversions. Fewer conversions = fewer patients.



Narrow In On Your Focus Procedure Keywords

At DLM, it is our job to make sure we are on the same page with our clients. During the on-boarding process, we learn about your focus procedures, as well as your past SEO strategies. From there, our dedicated SEO team, led by Ryan Rogers, will put together an aggressive strategy that is tailored towards your practice. This strategy starts with understanding the following:

Focus Procedures  +  Competitors' Advantage in SERPS  +  Client Leverage

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Dedicated to High Rankings

Once we have a clear picture of the focus procedures, we analyze those keywords in the Google Keyword Planner to put together a master list of long tail and short tail keywords being used in your location. Then we begin a comprehensive competition analysis since every area is unique! The competition analysis gives us insight into the following:

Competitors' Keywords and Rankings  +  Competitors' Techniquesfor Ranking  +  Amount of Traffic Competitors are Acquiring

100% Client Transparency

As we tie up the competition analysis, Ryan and his team leverage this report to finalize a custom-tailored SEO strategy for your practice. Not all practices are the same, so why should we treat you like they are? The custom SEO strategy focuses on the following areas:

On-Page SEO + Local SEO + Content Strategy & Blogging + Link Building

On-Page SEO

DLM analyzes the keywords users are searching in the location of your practice. From there, DLM restructures the website content to reflect those terms. If any content is needed during this process, DLM prepares the content in-house or interview the doctors and transcribe it from our conversation. The need for content is determined based on content being too thin, content being plagiarized, or content being outdated. During this phase, DLM also adds the Title, Meta Description, Header Tags, and Alt Tags, as well as internal page linking. These on-page elements follow the guidelines to perfectly optimize a website as indicated by, thus giving us the best chance to compete in your area.

Link Building

Part of the off-page SEO strategy is acquiring links from other websites. A link is when a website mentions the practice or a doctor and creates a hyperlink back to the website. This establishes trust with Google and helps increase overall rankings. DLM leverages our clients' professional affiliations. These affiliations allow us to acquire some of the most powerful links available. In return, this helps boost your rankings. These affiliations include universities, associations, charities, past PR, etc. DLM manages the process to acquire the correct links that will help drive rankings up the quickest. DLM also leverages your practice to other plastic surgery websites across the country.

Local SEO

To ensure your website is showing up in the GoogleLocal results, DLM creates business pages for the practice. Once the page is claimed, DLM acquires local citations for your practice. These include, but are not limited to, Yelp, Kudzu, Yellowbot, etc. Acquiring these citations will help rank your website in the local search results and Google Maps. This way, when people in your area are searching for plastic surgery services, you show up. On an ongoing basis, DLM will continue to add more citations each month.

Content Strategy

The majority of the off-page SEO will be geared around a well-executed content strategy in the form of blogging. However, the blogging efforts will be strategized to rank for keywords in neighboring cities. This allows you to truly position your website as the front runner on the digital level in your service area, as well as the surrounding locations. It also allows DLM to generate an immense amount of traffic and serve as not only a source of lead generation, but also an education center to less-qualified leads. DLM manages this process and tracks the outcome and efforts on an ongoing basis.