Website Management


DLM develops all of their websites using WordPress as a CMS. WordPress is the industry leading CMS for usability, customization and flexibility. This means website changes are never a challenge. WordPress allows us to complete Client website requests less than 24 hours from when the request comes in. At DLM, it is our job to manage any change that you would like made to your website. That includes color changes, layout, content, video and of course before & after images. 


DLM has created a custom Plugin for WordPress that allows us to add and categorize your before & after pictures with ease. Simply share the images with our team and we will get them on your website the same day you requested. If you need your images sized, edited and compressed, rest assured we will do this for you. Our clients send us raw gallery images every day. It is our job to showcase your beautiful work to help drive you more business. 

You take care of patients we'll handle your site!