If you are unfamiliar with call tracking, you are missing out on transparency in your marketing. Call tracking tracks incoming calls that are assigned to marketing campaigns. Until recently, knowing where your telephone inquiries have come from has been nearly inaccessible. For anyone interested in knowing how effective their marketing campaigns have been, this can be a problem. Call tracking software can help with concluding which of your marketing tactics are successfully generating calls.


At DLM, we create and track a different telephone number for each of your marketing campaigns, so that your practice's marketing is able to be measured and tracked. Our call tracking software records the number of calls your receive for each individual marketing campaign, so that you have a clear view on which campaigns are working, and which are not. From there we listen to every call to pull out exactly how many new patients are coming from your marketing efforts. This data is available in real-time and you can also us it for quality control.


While listening to these calls we are extrapolating data to measure return, but we are also flagging calls if they were not handled properly by your staff. Each month, DLM provides to their clients valuable metrics that show call volume by campaign, trends based on call time, as well as any calls that may not have been handled the best. From there, you can provide insight and training to your team based on the call recording. We also provide calls to clients if there is ever a disgruntled patient and you want to hear what they are concerned about. This is one way DLM helps with your processes. 

Track your marketing efforts with precision!