Quality Control


DLM's tracking technology allows us to provide insight into your internal processes. Each of the tracking numbers that DLM uses for your marketing campaigns provide valuable information about how your practice is answering the phones and handling patient inquiries. This allow us to provide advice on the calls if need be. We help your practice with the following solutions to help improve the quality of your processes.


DLM listens to every call that comes into our clients tracking numbers. While listening to these calls we are extrapolating data to measure return, but we are also flagging calls if they were not handled properly by your staff. Each month, DLM provides to their clients valuable metrics that show call volume by campaign, trends based on call time, as well as any calls that may not have been handled the best. From there, you can provide insight and training to your team based on the call recording. We also provide calls to clients if there is ever a disgruntled patient and you want to hear what they are concerned about. This is one way DLM helps with your processes. 


Have you ever wondered if your pricing is competitive? DLM can secret shops prices for your practice. If you want us to call your competitors and inquire on pricing, we can do this. We typically recommend doing this at least once per year to make sure you are one step ahead of the competition.


During our monthly performance review, one item we touch on is no-show consultations. If we see a spike in no-shows we will dig deep on the data to better understand why this may be happening. Once we have a good idea why the spike occurred we use our DLM best practices (client average data) to help build and implement changes internally and externally to help lower the no-show rate. 

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