Reputation Management for Medical Practices


Your online reputation should be taken very seriously. Today, consumers are educating themselves more than ever before making a decision. Ensuring that your online reputation is not tarnished, we help maximize the effectiveness of your marketing, and ultimately your bottom line. DLM has teamed up with industry leaders to ensure our clients' reputations are being monitored appropriately and proactively managed. 

The online reputation for your practice is managed by DLM. DLM leverages Review Concierge to oversee the practice and doctor reviews in real time. Review Concierge is the leader in healthcare Online Reputation Management (ORM). DLM is a proud partner of Review Concierge. By teaming with DLM, you understand the overall health of the medical practice, as well as the doctor's reputation in real-time. 

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Each month, DLM sends out patient surveys. This survey automatically forwards a positive review to Google Local, where the patient has an opportunity to leave a review. If the initial review in the survey is negative, then the patient is not forwarded to the Google Local page. This allows us to boost your Google reviews with only positive reviews and screen out any negative attempts. Having more reviews on your Google Local page also helps out with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Each week you will be sent a report card with all 78 medical review sites listed, and your current reviews on each of them. The report card provides a grade for you reputation. The grade is scored between an A - F. You will also receive an email immediately after someone leaves a new review online. In the event of a negative review, DLM puts together a strategy to make the review less noticeable or simply remove the review.