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Digital Limelight Media is known for creating some of the best medical websites for orthopedic surgeons that educate patients and display your qualifications.  Our team of content writers and graphic designers are familiar with the orthopedic industry.  Together they create high converting websites that deliver the message of why you are the best surgeon. This helps convert more patients from a visitor to a scheduled consultation.  By seamlessly integrating your credentials, adding strategically placed call to actions and utilizing real patient testimonials, our team is able to tell your story while speaking directly to the patient’s emotions.  This helps relieve any fear the patient may be experiencing and increases the likelihood of taking the next step to book the consultation quickly.  All of our websites are fully responsive and 100% custom designed to represent your brand.  These websites display properly on any device a patient may be using, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. This ensures you are delivering the proper first impression to prospective patients.  Our writers are not only familiar with orthopedic surgery, but are known for creating captivating content that is easily readable and understood by patients.  These writers are well versed with seo best practices to create content that ranks high in the search engines to increase the number of patients who find the website.   If you are an orthopedic surgeon looking to grow your practice with a new website, give us a call today to set up a meeting with one of our orthopedic marketing specialists.

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