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Digital Limelight Media is an all-in-one web design and digital advertising agency located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After years of working in the medical marketing industry, the founders of DLM realized that personalized in-person services were becoming ever so absent in the fast-paced digital age. DLM was created in order to bring a personal touch to a digital environment. So whether you are a small startup practice or a flourishing practice, DLM has a marketing strategy to fit your practices’ particular needs to make your practice thrive.

What to Expect

Style & Substance

At DLM, we pride ourselves on being a modern, all-in-one ad agency. We provide an all-encompassing marketing strategy, to achieve tremendous success for our clients. With a core belief in style and substance, DLM designs visually appealing websites that include highly informative information. By specializing in serving Plastic Surgeons, DLM uses marketing products & solutions that are custom-made for the industry! Let DLM enhance your practice and deliver transparent results to your bottom line!


& Values

To remain leaders in the medical marketing industry by leveraging technology and actionable data to deliver personalized patient experiences.


We take the road less traveled & seek out challenges in our industry. When we spot a challenge, we develop a solution.


The time we spend, the products we develop and the people we hire are geared around a better customer experience.


Great customer service starts with positive company culture. Our people are our product and we stand behind them.


We often adjust processes to ensure the most scalable approach. This allows us to be more proactive for our clients.


We believe in being open and honest. We do this both internally among our selves as well as with our clients.

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