Do You Have Consent to Use Photos?

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With social media becoming more popular every day and new platforms developing, it is important to make sure you have consent when posting photos of other people, especially when dealing with sensitive medical content. One of the best ways to get consent and secure your business is by using a photo release form.

What is a Photo Release Form?

A photo release form gives you, as the photographer, permission to publish the images you have taken of your client. Publishing a photo also includes posting it on your website or social media. When in doubt, it is best to get a photo release form to protect your clients’ privacy and keep your business secure.

Medical Photographs

Getting consent is especially important in the medical industry since you are working with sensitive content and patients expect complete privacy. However, medical professionals often like to post before and after photos as a testament to their work and to encourage other people to schedule appointments at their office. Photos may also be taken for teaching purposes or documenting during treatment progression.

If you work in the medical industry, a photo release form or written consent is crucial. To make sure you have HIPAA compliance, it is also important the patient knows they are free to say no without this preventing them from receiving treatment. You should also make sure your patient knows exactly where their photos will be posted and how they will be used.

Considerations for Photos in Advertising

When you put patient photos on your webpage or social media, you are essentially advertising your skills, and this is great for your practice! When you do take photographs of your patients, maintaining anonymity as much as possible is important, even though you have their consent. You should try not to include eyes in a photo, unless necessary, and if the eyes are not showcasing a surgical procedure, blur them out completely. You should also avoid tattoos and birthmarks that are recognizable and be sure hospital name tags or other identifying materials are not within the frame.

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