Reporting and Retention Services

You need to know which of your marketing efforts are actually paying off.

Bottom of Funnel Services

The sales cycle is just that – a cycle. It begins and ends and repeats, and those who don’t recognize the repetition might lose momentum on their growth path. By understanding where your money spent on marketing efforts is actually going and who is coming back to your practice, you can better understand your ideal customer and how to attract more of them.

DLM’s reporting and retention services help you do just that. We reveal where your marketing dollars are ending up and how you can build on that success with our unique marketing reporting and retention services built specifically for medical practices.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

If you don’t know what’s earning your practice real revenue, you can’t make good decisions about your outreach and marketing efforts. By integrating our medical marketing software with your EMR, we provide clear insight into how your marketing is – or isn’t – paying off. Our reports on revenue by marketing channel or even medical procedure are updated in real time, meaning you always have transparent, honest feedback based on data, rather than what a marketing company might be telling you in infrequent meetings.


DLM’s versatile tool, Insight, helps you corral many services and tasks into a single place. With just one login, you have access to real-time data about your website, its content, its performance, and your marketing efforts. This scales easily, with your team gaining access to this secure CRM from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Insight has powerful automated tools that augment your team’s ability to reach people on a personal level without even being in the office.

Call Tracking

Use easily recognizable local area codes to build trust and familiarity with your potential patients. Our call tracking services built into DLM Insight allow you to keep your office(s) number(s) while tracking exactly where people might be calling from, whether a web page or a billboard. This provides further insight into where your marketing efforts are paying off, especially with people who are confident enough to pick up the phone to ask for more information or schedule an appointment.

Retention Marketing

The most reliable demographic of potential patients are those who have already been to your practice. Not only are they already familiar with the most important player on your team, the physician, but also your front office staff and your brand in general. Our retention marketing tools, including email re-marketing and text message marketing, can help you gain the most information and/or revenue from prior patients. Ask for a review, tell people about special offers, or simply thank them for choosing your practice to close the loop and remind them of their positive experience at your practice.