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Marketing strategies are often compared to journeys with multiple destinations.

Once you have a robust CRM and are collecting data about incoming leads, where do you envision them going? Obviously one goal is to have them come to your practice and pay for your services, but not everyone will choose that path. Knowing what other options you have for the customer journey can help you achieve multiple goals with your marketing efforts.

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As your practice grows, it can become increasingly complicated, with multiple systems, marketing tools, integrations, and outsourced services tugging your team in many different directions.

With DLM Insight, all your data, marketing software, and website management tools are in a single place, saving your team hassle and your practice money with a single resource that does everything you need, from executing email campaigns to reporting on real revenue from your EMR.

What is DLM Insight?

DLM Insight is our tool for medical practices to manage and measure their marketing performance from the broadest scale to custom reports that help you better understand your practice and make data-driven decisions about your marketing efforts.

We report on several key areas of your practice. We measure the overall performance of the marketing campaigns. We measure your success from an SEO viewpoint. We also can show you how quickly your staff is responding to leads and what your funnel looks like in real time. Lastly, we report on exactly how much revenue you are making and where the patients came from.

Insight contains about 15 different marketing tools that we use internally and developed a single solution to provide this level of reporting detail to you in one user interface.


  • Lead Volume
  • Call Volume
  • Campaign Success


  • Lead Response
  • SMS Response
  • Email Response


  • Real ROI by Channel
  • Traffic
  • Rankings

Benefits of DLM Insight

Performance Reporting

The main benefit of Insight is your practice’s increased access to transparent, real-time data whenever you want it. You gain granular access to statistics like web speed, individual page performance, and annual traffic reports updated constantly. Phone calls can be integrated with Insight and linked with our CRM to provide information about how quickly they are followed up on and where specifically they came from (both geographically and from which source).

Centralized Access

In addition, office staff have equal access to marketing tools that help them stay on top of the curve so they don’t miss a single lead opportunity. They can engage potential patients and current ones not only with automated email tools, but also text automations and personal conversations.

Your team can specify which procedures you’d like our team to emphasize in our content strategy, as well as what kind of tone and voice your patients are most comfortable with for the best possible content marketing experience.

Finally, you can collect reviews from multiple locations across the web, like Facebook, Google Reviews, or sites like RealSelf for convenient, up-to-date reviews on your website. Our review tool can also be used to respond personally to deeply negative reviews before they’re posted on your site and cause harm to your reputation and future leads.

Revenue Reporting

Another crucial benefit is the ability for Insight to integrate with your EMR and scheduling software to further improve patient retention and awareness of which procedures are really driving your revenue. When you know what you’re doing well with real dollars in the bank, you make much smarter marketing decisions than when you give it a good guess.

These tools and more available with Insight help your practice boost revenue and streamline office processes for a more enjoyable and profitable practice.

Learn More About Your Options With DLM Insight

You might not realize how much different your practice could be a with a versatile, powerful tool like DLM Insight at your disposal. Track, manage, and make better decisions with our marketing tools by contacting us today. We’re happy to provide a demonstration of how Insight might look with your goals and specific practice needs during a no-obligation consultation.

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