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Consistent messaging, done tactfully, is critical for growth.

The simple yet time-saving tools at your disposal these days for keeping in touch with leads and patients make it easier than ever to reach them in multiple ways. However, knowing the limits and best practices for different mediums, specifically for texting, is important to not annoy your potential patients.

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What is Marketing Automation?

There are a lot of day-to-day tasks that receptionists do for practices that can be streamlined. This is where marketing automation comes in.

Automation can mean many things to many industries. In marketing, automation is used to create templates of emails, text messages, or other communication items used in lead management that automatically populate with a lead’s contact and other personal information. These are then scheduled according to your content calendar or customer journey and sent at the opportune time for new and existing contacts in your CRM.

An Example Customer Journey

If a lead comes in off your contact form on your website, they are entered into DLM’s CRM and can automatically be enrolled in the process to send emails and text messages based on their contact information, or assign internal tasks to your staff for follow up.

The email and text messages to the lead can all be personalized based off what we know about that lead. Say for example, the lead enters that they are interested in a Mommy Makeover. When we know that kind of information, they can be tagged to receive a specific drip campaign about the mommy makeover procedure over a specified period. We can also send them a text that asks them specifically if they would like to set up a mommy makeover consultation.

All these steps are performed without a single input from your team, aside from the initial setup. This is the power and scalability of marketing automation. It is streamlining the communication to opportunities so that the experience is consistent from one lead to the next.

Drip Marketing for Medical Practices

The term “drip” refers to the pace at which potential patients receive touches from your practice, whether by phone, email, text, or some other means. Drip marketing is easily automated, so we often use the terms interchangeably.

With our marketing automation technology, we help practices both large and small find affordable ways to scale up their conversations to help convert more leads into paying patients. We’re able to automate both text message campaigns and emails with specific customer journeys for people who indicate an interest in a particular procedure or treatment.

Drip campaigns, especially those that are automated, result in a huge increase in marketing ROI. More than 90% of people say they’re more likely to make a purchase from companies that keep in touch with them after an initial visit or contact. Plus, the regular exposure to your practice name or specialty keeps the brand at the front of their mind, where people are more likely to remember and take action.

DLM has been a consistent force for our practice. We can count on them for qualified leads and clear communication!

Dr. Jennifer Janiga

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Does Automation Make My Practice Less Personal?

This is a common concern that we hear, but one that is very simple to address. Marketing automation with email and SMS can be done in a way that appears completely natural. The idea behind automation is to mask the email and SMS to appear as though it is coming from the practice, perhaps even a well-known specific person. If a lead responds to the SMS or email it will send directly to whichever email you want to receive the responses.

Automation is only meant to help with tedious tasks, not to take over the entire lead communication process.

Get Started with Automated Drip Campaigns for Medical Practices

We are well-versed in building out custom processes and workflows for medical practices and have a rich understanding of what makes certain markets and certain medical industries unique. Your staff doesn’t have to be bogged down repeating similar tasks over and over again or recording lead tracking information manually in spreadsheets. This is where we can help with marketing automation for medical practices. Call or contact us online today for a demo of our intuitive marketing software.

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