Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center

Custom Website and Video Marketing in Reno, NV

The Janigas' contracted DLM to help them brand and market their unique vision. DLM designed and rebranded the website as well as facilitated digital marketing and tracking.

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The baseline website to lead rate was 0.50% of traffic. The site now converts at 5% of traffic to a lead.

Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center is the only practice in Northern Nevada to house both a board-certified plastic surgeon and board-certified dermatologist.

Results and Outcomes

Estimated 603% ROI in 12 months of data, based on the average Dermatology and Med Spa patient value of $459 at a 25% lead to patient rate.


  • Construct a navigation that is not overwhelming given the scope of services they offer.
  • Help distinguish between traditional and digital ads.


  • Rebrand the practice and create a website with a visitor-to-lead rate of at least 3.5%.
  • Improve qualified web traffic from search engines.


Total Conversion
(12 MO.)


Website Traffic
(12 MO.)


(12 MO.)