EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

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EMR data can show you your marketing revenue in detail.

As touchy or non-HIPAA-compliant as it might sound, linking your EMR with your marketing database reveals necessary information about how your efforts are actually paying off. APIs connect many EMRs to marketing CRMs in a secure, encrypted channel, allowing you to see which procedures and payments came from which marketing campaign.

Understand Your Data

Your electronic medical record system is the central processing database of your practice, handling protected information, making billing easier, and tracking everything from a person’s blood oxygen levels to their next appointment date. But did you know your EMR can be just as integral to your marketing, without compromising medical data?

What is EMR Integration?

Your EMR isn’t unlike many other software-as-a-service programs, including email platforms or your website. This means it’s able to “talk to” other systems through computer protocols called APIs, or application programming interfaces. With our custom-built APIs, we can link data like payments, insurance reimbursements, and treatments to information in your marketing software that tracks people’s names, email addresses, and even where they came from – whether by phone or through your website.

This gives you unprecedented insight into your actual revenue earnings from certain marketing channels that few other marketing companies offer.

Benefits of EMR Integration for Marketing and Reporting

By integrating your EMR to your marketing database, you can see exactly where you’re earning money based on where people are finding you. With a marketing CRM hub like DLM Insight, you can link real revenue with services like:

  • Call tracking
  • Email campaigns
  • Web pages (internal or external)
  • Text message marketing
  • White papers
  • Testimonials
  • Photo gallery images

The possibilities of integration from end to end are nearly limitless. Any granular or big-picture piece of information you want to know can be accessible when you know who paid for which procedure and how they heard about your practice. All this information helps you make better decisions based on hard numbers; data-driven decisions.

DLM has been a consistent force for our practice. We can count on them for qualified leads and clear communication!

Dr. Jennifer Janiga

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Who Should Use EMR Integration?

Any medical practice that wants to actively grow can benefit from EMR integration with their marketing technology stack. To some, it might seem cost-prohibitive, but the savings you’ll see down the line by cutting off under-performing channels of effort often offset the investment.

Those who shouldn’t buy into EMR integrations are practices who don’t have a stable or widely adopted EMR that contains accurate information. Without the right information tracked to the correct patient and marketing source, your decisions based on the data are as good as guesses. Instead, we would recommend first establishing a stable internal process for recording, updating, and correlating data entered to the EMR by both practitioners and the front office staff. Once the practice is established, an integration can help augment your growth.

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To learn more about our services, how we securely integrate EMR systems with our marketing platform (which is HIPAA-compliant), or what it could mean for your practice, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Our marketing specialists are here to answer your questions and share how our clients have gained exceptional insight into their marketing through EMR integration numbers; data-driven decisions.

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The Janigas' contracted DLM to help them brand and market their unique vision. DLM designed and rebranded the website as well as facilitated digital marketing and tracking.

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