Lead Management Services

Keep your schedule booked out and revenue stream strong.

Middle of Funnel Services

The middle of the funnel is process lead management or lead nurturing, and it’s crucial to keeping your schedule booked out and your revenue stream strong. With our comprehensive set of tools and services, you can reach patients and potential patients in unique and consistent ways to reassure them they’re making the right decision by picking your practice.

IRIS Conversational AI

Our text message marketing system, IRIS Conversational AI, puts your front office in touch with people where they spend a large amount of time: looking at their phones. As people becomemore amenable to the idea of receiving texts on their devices from brands and local organizations, there’s a huge opportunity to build trust and a personal relationship through text conversations with your practice.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Up to a certain point, you might be able to get away with manual spreadsheets to keep track of your leads and marketing touchpoints. But if you want to grow and scale your practice, you need more automated tools that are centralized and accurate. Our CRM, built for medical practices, integrates with multiple marketing tools in DLM Insight, making sure your leads get the right marketing materials at the right time.

Reputation Management

All it takes is a single bad review to make someone reject the thought of coming to your practice. While perhaps not totally fair to the experience of everyone else who has had a great result, it’s reality in our increasingly 5-star-scale world. DLM helps you curate your reputation and allows your team to intercept and respondto highly negative reviews internally before they harm your reputation.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

The core of digital lead nurturing is still firmly in the realm of email, but you no longer need to manually send new leads your standard welcome email thanks to the ease of automation. In fact, the new best practice after acquiring new email addresses is a series of 3-5 emails that do more than just say “hi,” but point your new potential patient to your website and information about what makes your practice unique for their specific interest. And with IRIS Conversational AI, you can automate a complementary text message drip for a more personal connection.


All to help your practice grow.

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