Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio in 3 Easy Steps

Healthcare Social Media 101

You should know these things about social platforms.

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Instagram is a huge platform that can help you engage with your clients and promote your practice and the services you offer. One way to encourage your followers to visit your website is by adding a link to your Instagram bio. Read on to learn more about how to add links and why they are important in your bio.

1. Edit Profile: Go to your profile by clicking your profile pic at the bottom right of your screen, then tap the “Edit Profile” button. This button appears as a gray bar near the top of your screen, between your bio and your posts.

2. Write a Description: Add a custom description that promotes your practice and then add your website’s URL. Quick tip: if you type out your bio in a word processing software or the Notes app on your phone, you can space out your information on different lines.

3. Link to Other Profiles: If you would like to link other profiles to your account (skincare brands you like, personalized pages for your staff, etc.), tap the “@” symbol on the bottom right and type the profile’s handle, or username. You can also add hashtags to associate your practice and profile with keywords potential clients may be interested in.

There are many options for adding links to your Instagram bio and each of these links serves as a call to action. If your followers and potential clients see a post they like, the prompt to visit your bio makes it easier for them to access your website, learn more about the treatments you offer, and hopefully schedule a consultation! This increases traffic which can lead to more people seeing your page, this visiting your website.

If you would like to have a permanent link in your bio, use it to send people to the home page of your website or an overview page of the procedures you offer. You can also switch up this link weekly, monthly, or however you choose to highlight various products, new treatments, and specials.

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