An Innovative Partner Focused on Practice & Patient Growth

We do this in three simple steps: Marketing, Manage, & Measure. We start with creating captivating marketing campaigns that drive prospective patients to your brand. We then help your practice manage the leads to improve the appointment rate. Lastly, we integrate with EMR systems to measure your marketing ROI in real-time.


It begins with your own personalized brand

We get to know you and your practice on an intimate level so we can put together a custom well thought out marketing strategy and brand which will help you generate more leads and more patients. We do this through high end website design and intuitive digital marketing tactics.

Dr. Ellen A. Janetzke, M.D.


Effective lead management

Marketing generates leads, but what happens after a new lead requests information? We implement our proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, DLMInsight. DLMInsight helps your staff better manage leads through email, calls, and SMS. This helps organize and improve lead response to new patient opportunities and converts more leads into appointments. We educate and work with your practice to customize workflows that streamline lead management and ultimately improve ROI.


Integrated closed-loop EMR reporting

It is one thing to do marketing. It is another to do marketing based on real patient data and integrated systems. We integrate with several EMR and scheduling systems which allow us to engage, re-engage, and educate the patient through the practice funnel. We leverage this data to drive the practice’s marketing strategy. Gone are the days when your marketing company tells you they did a great job because your impressions or rankings increased. We care about two things, patient relationships and practice revenue.

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