Don't settle for mediocre. DLM offers a fully transparent growth plan to streamline and scale practices.

Digital Limelight Media (DLM) is an innovative marketing technology agency that offers unique strategies within a HIPAA-compliant digital platform that helps attract and retain more cosmetic patients. DLM clients experience significant practice growth while modernizing their patient experience.

Top of Funnel Marketing

Establish Your Brand & Attract More Patients

Our top of funnel services focus on marketing. We will elevate your brand and bring more clarity to your vision. A well-established brand sets the stage for highly profitable marketing campaigns.

We attract more patients to your practice by leveraging DLM’s tools and services. Our team puts together custom marketing strategies centered around SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Content Production, Video Advertising, and PR.

DLM, a Google Premier Partner, establishes a wide digital footprint for our medical clients while keeping the practices’ schedules full.

Our Top Of Funnel Services Include

Website Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising Management
IRIS Conversational AI
Design, Content & Videography Services

Dr. Ellen A. Janetzke

Middle of Funnel
Lead Management

Modernize Your Patient Experience & Streamline Your Front Office

By combining marketing with the latest technology you can create a more uniform and comprehensive patient experience. We accomplish this by streamlining tedious front office tasks. We work with each practice to understand their current lead management process and we set up email and SMS automations to assist with the process as well as provide recommendations to improve office lead re-engagement procedures.

We then train the staff on how to properly manage leads, leveraging Insight’s CRM. This process significantly improves lead response time,  appointment rates and new patient revenue, while decreasing staff time and the no-show rate.

Our Middle Of Funnel Services

Customer Relationship Management
Review Management
Email & SMS Drip Automations

Bottom of Funnel
Reporting & Retention

Supercharge Your Marketing With EMR Integration

DLM integrates with the largest and most used EMRs in the medical industry. Our integrations include but are not limited to Nextech, PatientNow, Symplast, ModMed, and Allscripts. You can view in real-time an accurate ROI calculation of your marketing efforts as well as review automated patient surveys. We leverage our EMR integrations to spot possible practice inefficiencies so we can leverage our strategy to help improve them. We also use the data that we collect to do accurate marketing forecasts so you have a better idea of what your marketing ROI will be with new or existing marketing campaigns. 

Our Bottom of Funnel Services
Monthly News
DLM Insight
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