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Good video content can amplify the impact of your marketing.

Having high-quality videos as a part of your marketing strategy is almost a requirement in our current world. Video content is proven to help improve the user experience of your website, engage people on social media, and drive appointments at your practice.

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As our devices become more powerful, affordable, and easy to use, video content has become the default for sharing information across many demographics that are important for helping to grow your practice.

Videos can help watchers feel better understood, connect with people more quickly than text, and create a relationship without needing to be physically present. However, it’s still a time-consuming strategy for many medical practices that want a comprehensive marketing plan. Here’s how DLM’s video editing and production services can help.

What is Video Production Service?

Video production is the planning, filming, editing, and publishing process that happens to create video content for your marketing plan. We are equipped to handle any and all aspects of video production, although most practices prefer to do at least some of the work themselves for various reasons.

Whether choosing where or how to post the videos you’ve already shot or needing help finding the right professional equipment to make them in the first place, our experts can help. Our two most popular services include video editing and producing original video content.

Editing for Consistent Branding

When you have an existing video library or a plan to make videos that you want to host on your website, consistency is key. Keeping your brand or at least your practice name front-and-center is crucial for people to recognize who’s responsible for what they’re seeing. Too often are videos simply posted without using simple best practices for introducing the topic, taking breaks and eliminating pauses or redundancies, and optimizing the audio quality of the recording.

Our video production experts can handle all of this for your existing or newly created videos, helping your video marketing look and sound consistent no matter where your viewers might be watching it. We can also help advise you on where and how to post or embed these videos to align with your overall content marketing strategy across social media platforms and your website.

Producing Original Content

We can also help you by offering professional advice and recommendations or even by coming to your practice for video shoots. There are myriad options for lighting, cameras, backdrops, and more that you can take advantage of, but knowing which are good quality and essential can help you save money and make the most practical decisions for video equipment that works for your office setup.

In addition, our crew has the skills and equipment to come directly to your practice to film a pre-determined set of videos, which can be especially helpful for new practices or those just getting into the video marketing mindset. Call or contact our team for more information.

Benefits of Video Marketing

As mentioned, video is increasingly becoming the foremost source of information across the internet, including and especially when it comes to the nuances of medical information. Seeing a doctor speak about a procedure and their specific approach, or even seeing it first-hand, can greatly increase a person’s confidence and trust in both your practice and the procedure itself, or direct them to something related on your website.

Building trust as early on in the marketing process as possible is key to retaining patients and converting potential patients into paying ones. In addition, video is versatile, with a single video of someone answering frequently asked questions, for example, able to be used across multiple platforms for several years. With just an hour or two of recording, you can amass a dozen or more videos that boost the appeal of your website, help plan out months of social media posts, and build your content library to anyone who might find you on YouTube.

The benefits of video are hard to underestimate, and our team is happy to tell you about the success our clients have had with their specific video efforts.

Who Needs Video Marketing?

Most practices benefit from video marketing, the caveat being what kind of video production is right for which type of practice. A good rule of thumb is that most people prefer to watch shorter videos; up to 4 minutes in most cases, although many popular video formats restrict their times to just a minute or less.

Video marketing helps practices scale their marketing efforts efficiently. If you’re on a growth plan and are considering different investments in your marketing strategy, video is often the right choice for you.

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Learn more about video marketing, how it can help your practice grow, and how we can make it easier for you by calling or contacting us online today. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you might have and how video can be integrated into your custom marketing plan.

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Custom Website and Video Marketing in Reno, NV

The Janigas' contracted DLM to help them brand and market their unique vision. DLM designed and rebranded the website as well as facilitated digital marketing and tracking.

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When was the last time you checked on your YouTube channel?

When was the last time you checked on your YouTube channel?

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