How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with Video Marketing

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Organic traffic is a crucial part of your business’ success and about 81% of that traffic can come from video marketing. Generating organic leads gives your website authority and we are here to show you all the ways you can boost traffic, authority, and rankings with the right video marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to help establish your brand, bring in new leads, and promote your services to potential clients. Videos are a great tool to boost search engine optimization (SEO) and they create visually appealing content that is fun and informative.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Increase Traffic

Google ranks your website on the search engine results page (SERP) based on the amount of incoming traffic you have. With the huge generation of traffic that comes from videos, incorporating videos into your marketing strategy can give you a huge boost in rankings and your overall SEO.

Backlinks, hyperlinks on other sites that link to your site, are crucial for SEO. When other people are linking to your content, Google recognizes your site as having authority and will rank you higher on the SERP. If you have informative or educational videos on your site, people may link to them as their own helpful tools.

Improve UX

UX design focuses on the user experience and the overall feeling a user has when they interact with your website or other digital content. Good content that creates a positive feeling is recognized by search engines when people spend a lot of time on a specific page. Engaging videos encourage potential clients to spend extra time on your page and this is another way to boost your search results.

Increase Conversions

Videos should not only be engaging but they should also motivate users toward a certain action: scheduling an appointment and buying your services. About 52% of customers find product videos helpful and studies have shown these videos can give them the confidence to make a purchase. If your videos are leading people to that “schedule a consultation” button or phone number, your conversion rate will increase.

10 Steps to Optimize Your Video

1. Edit Your Video

You want to make sure your video is polished for it to be as visually appealing as possible. Cut out extra shots that don’t fit, rearrange clips to create a story, and consider adding text or watermarks to your video so that viewers recognize your practice. The storytelling component creates a human connection with your viewers and motivates them to complete the call-to-action. If you don’t have much experience with video production, we offer video editing services at DLM and can help!

2. Add Metadata

The meta title and meta description are important features used by search engines to identify and rank videos and other online content. This metadata should contain keywords that are popularly searched and will lead potential clients to your video and site.

3. Promote Your Video

Social media is a great way to promote your video and practice. Millions of people log on to Instagram every time and the use of hashtags works similarly to keywords. You can also promote your video on your website and in email newsletters.

4. Create Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

A thumbnail is a clickable image that viewers see before they play your video. Make sure to use bright colors that fit your brand and consider using a person’s face since this is often an attention grabber.

5. Post Your Video

You can increase engagement by posting your video directly to your site rather than including external links to YouTube. With this said, you can post the video while also linking it to YouTube to try and reach a wider audience.

6. Transcript Your Video

Transcriptions make your videos accessible to a wider audience (such as hearing-impaired viewers) and they are used by search engines to determine what the video content is. Search engines will use the transcribed text to show your video to a more focused audience that you are trying to connect with.

Internal links improve user experience, search rankings, and page authority. They help viewers easily navigate your website which can keep them on your site longer and encourage them to further engage with actions such as calling for an appointment.

8. Use Call-to-Action (CTA)

A CTA should be included at the beginning and end of your videos. It is an instruction to your viewers that motivates them to complete a certain action such as scheduling a consultation or subscribing to your emails.

9. Use SEO Tools

At Digital Limelight Media, we use Surfer SEO and Ahrefs to determine the most popular keywords, analyze competitor sites, and build content that will increase traffic. These are great tools used to boost SEO and generate new leads.

10. Measure Your Results

You should be constantly tracking conversion rates, SEO, and leads to see what kind of impact your video marketing campaign is having. You can use this data to revise your strategy and improve your video marketing for an even bigger increase in organic traffic.

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