The Beginners Guide to Starting a Vlog

The Ultimate Youtube Channel Setup Guide for Medical Practice

Learn the simple ins and outs of your YouTube account.

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In our blogs, we are constantly emphasizing the importance of online presence and we’ve got another online marketing technique for you: vlogs. A vlog is a new term that combines “blog” and “video,” and it is a fun, creative tool that you might consider adding to your marketing toolbox.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a series of regularly posted videos on a social media account or webpage. YouTube is one of the most common locations to publish vlogs. Vlogs can be about anything, as long as the focus is consistent. You could start a vlog answering patient questions, discussing different procedures or health concerns, introducing your patients to the “beyond the scenes” activity, and more! As you start thinking about what the focus of your blog will be, consider the following five steps to get started:

1. Know Your Target Audience

You are likely creating content for people interested in medical or cosmetic procedures, whether they are simply curious or are considering having a procedure done themselves. Pay attention to the common questions your patients are already asking or the things almost everyone seems interested in knowing more about. These will help guide you as you decide which content attracts your audience and keeps them engaged.

2. Create a Brand

Your brand is defined by your profile/channel name, profile picture, and color scheme used on your page. Consider using your name or the name of your practice to establish yourself and your services as the brand. Your profile picture can either be of yourself, your office, or the logo of your practice. The color scheme should not only be incorporated into the background elements like borders and a banner but also used in video thumbnails, which are the clickable images you see on the main YouTube site.

3. Build Your Channel

Depending on where you decide to post your vlog, you may need to set up a YouTube account or another social media profile. If you already have social media, you’re one step ahead! Once your account is created, you can start customizing and branding the channel. Next, you will want to add a bio or description with your credentials, your practice’s location, and links to your website and other social media accounts.

4. Film Your Video

Filming your videos does not always have to take a substantial amount of time and resources. There are doctors on TikTok creating great content from their offices with just their smartphones. No matter what you are using to film, make sure you at least have good lighting and sound quality. Before recording, do a bit of research and look at other medical vlogs for inspiration. If there are topics they have not covered, this could be your chance to create something new and exciting. You should also create an outline of what you plan to talk about so that you do not forget anything as you are talking. Speak clearly and act as if you are on Zoom or Facetime with a family member so that you appear personal.

5. Publish Your Vlog

YouTube is a popular place to vlog because the site is designed for video content. You can add subtitles, configure your audience settings, create playlists for video series of different topics, and more. When you publish your vlog, these are all things you should consider. You will also need to add a captivating title, description below the video, and design a YouTube thumbnail that draws your audience’s attention. Once your YouTube video is published, it can be embedded on your website or shared in an email list.

Video Production with DLM

Digital Limelight Media has all the tools you need to make your vlog successful. We offer video editing and production services to help you create high-quality, professional videos. Hootsuite is used to set up a schedule for when your vlogs or other social media content are regularly published. Contact us online and get started on your personalized vlog today!