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Top of Funnel Services

These days, it’s nearly impossible to grow your practice through referrals alone. By investing in data-driven marketing, you can grow and scale your practice to serve more patients in your area with the latest and most popular treatments people want. With DLM’s complete suite of medical marketing tools and services, we equip medical practices all over the country to increase their presence and enhance their brand to attract new patients and increase their marketing ROI.

Web Design and Branding

One of the first interactions a new patient will ever have with your practice is with your website. Whether you need a brand-new site or a refresh on your current one, our designers and developers are here to execute your vision according to the principles of excellent design principles and developmental best practices. Our team can also update or create a new brand identity if your practice wants a completely new approach.

Search Engine Optimization

People aren’t the only readers of your website anymore. While the goal of our content creation is to clearly communicate what your practice has to offer potential patients, we also tailor the structure and terms of our content to help your site rank highly in Google and other search engine results. Without continuously optimizing your content, you risk your website’s pages falling down in rank and subsequently losing opportunities to put your practice in front of new people. That’s why we offer unique search engine optimization services in addition to traditional content creation.

The digital landscape is layered with advertisements that convince millions of people every year to try a new procedure or product from practices like yours. Extend your reach with highly targeted paid digital advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube to show people in your community that you’re available and can provide treatments that are relevant to them.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful driver of practice growth that allows practices to meet individuals where publicly share about their wants and needs. Become a more personalized influence with social media managed by DLM’s social media specialists, and help your brand become more approachable and well-known in a new space.

Video Editing and Production

As videos have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, they’ve also become the most popular way for people to engage with their interests. Our video production team can unify the look and feel of existing video content your practice may have as well as create additional footage to draw in a highly engaged audience and reach a growing percentage of people who prefer to watch a video rather than read an article.

Content Creation

Marketing consultants keep your goals on track so that you can quickly advance your practice. We will take your ideas and maximize them to create a beautiful website, optimized content, and engaging social media. Create an individualized marketing plan that works for you and your practice with a variety of combined services.

Healthcare Marketing Consultant

All websites on the internet have a location where their data “lives” that can affect everything from who can find it to how quickly images load in a before-and-after gallery. With our website hosting and management tools, you can ensure your site stays up to date with the best practices in security and performance.

Website Hosting and Management

The healthcare industry is always changing and always advancing, and your marketing should reflect that about your practice. Find out how we can help solve your marketing problems by talking to a Marketing Specialist at DLM. You can start the conversation by filling out our online form or contacting us online today.


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