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Your marketing specialist will be there to ensure your website runs smoothly and your practice stays in the headlines for potential clients. Let us handle the work of collecting, tracking, and analyzing your marketing data.

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Anywhere along your journey of growth, a marketing consultant like DLM can help.

Whether you’re opening a new practice or wanting to grow your existing one, marketing is essential for increasing awareness of your specialty, your value, and your services to your region. However, not everyone has the time or capacity to handle extensive marketing in-house, especially a strategy that is well-strategized and provides valuable, accurate results.

Anywhere along your journey of growth, a marketing consultant like DLM can help. Whether it’s gathering data about your market, establishing editorial calendars for content, or collecting data on your efforts, we have the expertise and experience to accelerate your practice’s growth.

What is Healthcare Marketing Consulting?

Marketing consulting services can be summed up by saying that we help your ideas become reality. You have the awareness of what’s possible, and we can help make it happen. Marketing consultants for the medical industry have different hurdles and areas of expertise than general marketing consultants, which means it’s valuable to have a team of consultants who are experienced in that industry to give you accurate and pragmatic advice. Our consultants can help you at every point in your growth journey.

Website Consulting

The hub of any practice these days is a functioning website. It’s where your patients learn about what you do, who you are, and how to contact you for an appointment. At the most basic level, your website needs to function as well as any other site your patients might be visiting. This means it needs to be fast, glitch-free, and easy-to-navigate.

But beyond the basics, a website’s design and branding create a feeling for people who visit it. The color scheme, layout, and responsiveness can tell someone how up to date you are with your site and, consequently, your practice itself.

Leaning on a marketing consultant firm like DLM is a cost-effective way to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your website with design choices or content additions.

Our team can also deliver patient reviews, before-and-after photos, and practice updates to build trust in your brand and expertise.

Content Consulting

Healthcare is a constantly evolving field with highly personalized procedures. When it comes to content, whether on service or treatment pages or monthly blogs, it needs to be accurate to your practice. If you’re unsure what people are searching for online for content related to your specialties, a medical marketing consultant can help.

Social Media Consulting

It’s never been more true that people believe it when they see it. They see more content than ever on social media, especially through photos and videos on the world’s largest platforms. Many practices feel overwhelmed thinking about how to start or expand their social media presence, or even on which platforms to invest. Consultants who know tried-and-true methods of growth via social media can help you determine what kind of platform, how often to post, and what kinds of things to post will help you achieve your goals.

How Does Marketing Consulting Work?

The start to any good relationship, including a consulting one, includes a meeting where we quickly get on the same page and create common goals. This initial conversation includes processing your ideas as quickly as possible into actionable steps as well as learning who the key players will be in accomplishing them.

After the first conversation, we’ll also decide how often and how quickly we’ll communicate with each other. Some ideas take long stretches of time to create positive results, whereas others are constantly evolving. No matter which pace you take, our priority is open communication.

Finally, we’ll report back as often as you like with transparency throughout the process. We provide data-driven reports that hold everyone accountable to real results.

DLM has been a consistent force for our practice. We can count on them for qualified leads and clear communication!

Dr. Jennifer Janiga

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We’re excited to create the social media marketing plan that fits you and your goals, ensuring you reach your audiences with relatable, quality content. By partnering with our team, you’re taking your brand to the next level by meeting potential patients where they’re at their best. To get started, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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