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Optimizing your content – both existing and future pieces – is essential if you want to be competitive in Google’s search algorithm. Writing blog posts is one thing, but SEO takes your content marketing strategy to the next necessary level.

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How to Do Great On-Page SEO

On page optimization is really the road map for the ongoing SEO strategy. It is during this stage that keyword research, metadata, schema, and link building is executed. We typically start with a competition analysis in addition to keyword research using third party tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and the Google keyword planner. We export these keywords into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Once we determine the keywords that make the most sense for the procedures or treatments that your practice offers, we properly update the metadata accordingly.

Once this is done, we setup the schema for each of the pages. Schema markups hold a tremendous amount of value regarding clickthrough rates and overall rankings. When the schema gets is finished, we go through and make sure that the appropriate internal links are added to each of the respective pages. Internal links help direct bots from one page to the next while passing equity from higher page ranked pages to lower page ranked pages.

On-page optimization is something that we revisit often as keywords and user search intent tend to change often.

Off page SEO is primarily backlinking. We start by analyzing your current backlinks and we remove any negative ones. From there we make sure that you have the high authority and easy backlinks which are societal, educational, and local website links. We also put together a guest blog backlink strategy which we execute on a monthly basis.

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What’s the Ongoing Strategy?​

The ongoing strategy for your medical practice’s SEO changes based on Google algorithm updates. We are proactive in researching the trends and likely changes so that we are not reacting to updates after they’ve begun affecting our clients’ search rankings. The current strategy that we have in place is focused on two primary areas: content creation and backlinks.

Content Creation for Medical Practices

What’s been true for many years and is likely not going to change soon is that Google rewards sites with continuously updated procedure page content. That’s why our SEO strategy includes optimizations as often as once a year for the pages you care most about. Gone are the days of constantly creating new content via blogs – if the blogs aren’t adding value to your potential patients, you aren’t going to be rewarded by a higher Google ranking.

The other thing Google is getting better at is recognizing quality content. No matter how long your content is, whether a few hundred or a few thousand words, it should provide value by answering people’s questions quickly, accurately, and in a way that’s easy to understand. In addition, Google is increasingly rewarding pages that present information in multiple ways, for example, with video content in addition to optimized text. One quick way to diversify your content is to create quick FAQs at the end or interrupting your page in the middle. DLM Insight offers a schema-rich way to answer FAQs whenever you have time that will automatically update on the relevant page.

We also spend a significant amount of our time with SEO leveraging good backlinks to your website. We have developed countless relationships with medical-related websites where we always have guest blog opportunities. The first step is to do a manual audit to check for negative backlinks and submit them to Google for a disavow. From there, we build a monthly strategy in which we acquire new high domain authority backlinks that allow you to compete for the highest value keywords in your area. As with the rest of your website performance data, the results of these backlinks are displayed inside of DLM Insight.

SEO Company for Medical Practices

We have the tools and collaborative expertise in SEO and how to market medical practices specifically. Whether you’re a surgical practice or med spa, podiatrist or ENT, DLM can help you create and execute a high-quality SEO strategy without spending more of your team’s time on marketing. To learn more about our most recent SEO strategy, call or contact us online today.

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