How to Measure Link Building and Increase Organic Growth

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Medical Practices

SEO for medical practices is a little different than a normal business.

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Link building is the gathering of hyperlinks from other websites to your own. These hyperlinks, or simply links, build a navigation system that people can use to navigate between pages on the Internet. Link building increases your chances of getting organic traffic and ranking well on search engine results. The value of the links you have is based on how many pages are being sent outward, or linked by other webpages on other sites, and what else is linked to that page.

Metrics should be fast, easily understood, and specified for domain or page linking. Domain authority, or linking, looks at how well a page will do on the entire domain, but page authority allows your metrics and analysis of link values to be a bit more specific. Page authority is initially informed by how well the page ranks on a domain but also lets you know how well each specific page is doing on your website.

One specific metric you can run is a backlink audit, which looks at all the backlinks directed to your website. Backlinks represent the traffic coming into your site and they link between the pages on your website to build a map. You can see if you are earning backlinks from high authority sites which will help boost your rankings on Google. You can also look for toxic backlinks which are from unreputable sites and remove them since they can damage your ranking value.

Keyword Position Analysis

Another helpful metric is a keyword position analysis. Once your domain authority improves from your link building, Google will look at the keywords on your website and determine whether to give you an even higher ranking in the search engine result. For this reason, it is important to base your website on SEO (search engine optimization) and utilize keywords on every page.

Track Organic Growth

By comparing the amount of traffic your site receives in comparison to new marketing strategies, such as link building, you can determine whether that strategy is working. If traffic increases after you begin to build links, this is a good sign that your site is starting to receive higher rankings and is valued more in search engine results.

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