How Video Marketing can Produce SEO Results

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Medical Practices

SEO for medical practices is a little different than a normal business.

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SEO Results

Video marketing can do a lot of great things for your SEO, as well as result in improved SERP rank, higher CTR, lower bounce rates, and quality backlinks.

Rank in SERPs

A SEO’s main priority is to rank on Google’s first page. Pages with video are much more likely to rank on the first page because Google’s SERP’s prioritize video results. The reason that pages with videos on them rank higher is because Google cares about whether your content answers the question presented by the search user, and since most videos are informational videos, they answer that question. Some tips for video SERP are to keep your video short; around four to five minutes. Also, transcribing your video through a site like can be helpful in analyzing the content for meaning.

Improve CTR

It is proven that search results with video have a higher click rate than plain text. This is mainly due to rich-video snippets. Rich-video snippets are video thumbnails that advertise quality video content and make results with embedded video stand out. YouTube automatically creates these thumbnails, and will take users directly to your YouTube page. Another option is embedding your videos directly to your site, which will increase visits right to your domain instead of a video host.

Lower Bounce Rates

People have short attention spans, and become disinterested quickly. When people leave your domain after viewing just a single page, it is known as the bounce rate, and will hurt your site’s SERP ranking. However, video is a great way to make people stay on your domain. People who view videos stay longer than other site visitors. Some tips to reduce your bounce rate are to embed your video above the point where users have to scroll to see additional content (Around 600 pixels.) Also, use clear and simple video titles, as not to deceive viewers. 

Having a video compared to just text will dramatically increase the average number of linking domains. This is because people create links to your content, and people are the ones liking the video. There are no bots involved. People gravitate towards videos because they are informative, easy to consume, and useful; they offer information to the viewer. Some tips for link-building include embedding your video, since building links to YouTube will not help your SEO, focusing your video on a single topic, and creating high quality videos to look professional.


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