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Our writers and search engine optimizing experts know what makes content for medical practices successful, and can help you create a custom strategy based on your target market and growth goals. Learn more by reading about three key ways to optimize your content.

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Every day, people from your local region and even across the country are coming to your website and deciding whether your information, services, and approach is the right answer for their questions or concerns.

Ensuring your web content is up-to-date, optimized for both people and search engines, and constantly monitored for performance means your site will continue improving in its reach and relevancy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the services that make up your content creation strategy. It’s commonly comprised of regular blog posts to your website, social media platform maintenance, updates and additions to your existing website content, email marketing, and much more. Anything that requires original content can be part of a comprehensive content marketing plan.

At DLM, we offer flexible content services that incorporate nearly any content need your practice may have. Our core services are in-house produced content, affordable blogging with outsourced content edited by our team of SEO experts, and content optimization of your existing, underperforming content.

In-House Produced Content

Our team of writers and SEOs create pieces from scratch for your unique niche and priorities, taking basic grammar, web writing etiquette, and SEO principles into account for high-quality pieces for everything from social media plans to monthly blog posts.

We’re capable of handling any task that requires original content, including:

  • Press releases
  • New procedure/treatment pages
  • Staff bios
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Online ad content
  • And more

Content Optimization

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked through your lowest-performing web pages, blog posts, or other content, it might be doing more harm than good. Our editors and SEOs use custom tools and their expertise to perform keyword research, targeting fresh, relevant keywords for your specialties and local region. They then can make changes directly to your content or send it for approval to ensure the voice of the content still matches your brand ideals.

With regular optimization, you can take pages that might be dragging your web performance down and make them some of the best content on your site, helping boost the whole site’s authority and ability to rank in Google results.

Very prompt, effective and great at listening to our needs.

Michael Halliday, DC

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Who Needs Content Marketing?

Any practice who wants to grow and compete for higher Google rankings for specific keywords can benefit from content marketing. “How much” marketing or the specific services we would recommend vary by your goals and your capacity.

It’s worth noting that content marketing is essential in our current age of information, however it’s not a guarantee of future success. Since there will always be competition for even the most targeted keywords in your area, the best content marketing strategy is a consistent one. Content marketing provides success in the long term, whereas other services, such as paid advertising, can help boost awareness quickly, as long as the content those ads rely on is great.

Who Doesn’t Need Content Marketing?

It’s a rare occasion when we recommend a practice receive no marketing content regularly whatsoever. Although we recognize the highly niche, stable areas some people might be working in, it’s almost always a mistake to ignore content completely. Some practices, however, may only need us for content optimization of outdated content or an affordable monthly blog to keep their site looking updated.

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Our team is always here to help you decide what content marketing strategy makes the most sense for your practice. Don’t hesitate to email us or contact us online to learn more about how content marketing is the backbone of any growth strategy for your practice.

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