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A YouTube description appears under the “About” tab on your channel’s home page. This description helps your audience get to know you and your content better and is a great opportunity to encourage new audience members to subscribe. There are many different ways you can build this description page and these are some of the templates you can use to get started.

What to Include in Your Description

Content Summary

Your description needs to attract an audience and make your channel discoverable. One of the best tactics is to explain your content so that an audience knows what to expect. You should also incorporate keywords within this description for SEO (search engine optimization) to generate organic growth. Having a clear description also makes your channel more accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Call to Action (CTA)

The description is also the perfect place to include a CTA. Guide your audience to your website or other social media profiles for additional information and ask them to continue engaging with your channel in the comment section or by subscribing. Add some personality and creativity so that your audience will be compelled and excited to continue watching your content.


Timestamps make your YouTube videos user-friendly and are an SEO tool. Thumbnails guide your audience to specific portions of the video, which is incredibly helpful for longer videos. Whether your audience wants to learn about one particular thing or watch a certain section of your video again at another time, thumbnails allow them to do this easily.

YouTube Description Templates

Clear and Concise

Think of this as the “About Me” section on your webpage. Introduce yourself, give a 2-3 sentence description of your channel’s focus and what you will be talking about, and include one sentence asking a certain group to subscribe. For example, “If you are interested in cosmetic procedures and want to learn better skincare tips, subscribe to my channel.”

Build Connections

This type of YouTube description takes a 3rd person perspective. For example, “At [Practice Name], our mission is to enhance our patients’ appearances and we specialize in facial and reconstructive surgery.” You can also break this up into 2 sentences: one for the mission and another to list the main services you offer.

Create a Niche

Incorporating keywords by listing more specific procedures or products offered at your practice is another great option for your YouTube description. If your channel is going to be talking about what to expect after various cosmetic procedures, list each of those procedure names. If you want to promote skincare products, include the specific brand names of the products you recommend.

Share Your Journey

Using your YouTube description to share the history of your practice builds a personal connection with your audience and lets them get to know you and your mission better. Talk about why you decided to become a surgeon, dermatologist, or nurse and the reasons you started your practice. When did you open your practice and what do you enjoy about the work you do?

Create Anticipation

Your YouTube description can build anticipation for new content and keep your audience engaged. It may also encourage them to subscribe and turn on notifications so that they do not miss the new content release. Consider inviting guest stars, conducting a survey, or offering giveaways like discounted procedures or free products.

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