How to Host an Instagram Takeover

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Social media has become part of the modern marketing campaign, especially when you consider the amount of traffic a shoutout from an influencer can bring to your business. Instagram takeovers are a great way to attract the attention of these influencers as well as new, potential clients. An Instagram takeover is when someone temporarily takes over your account, usually for a day, to share content and promote your business. Follow these five simple steps and you can create your own successful Instagram takeover.

1. Pick Your Goals

What do you want to achieve from your Instagram takeover? Are you promoting a new product launch or new service? Opening a new location? Connecting with your community on Instagram? Once you answer this question, you can create a direction for your takeover and start building a plan that achieves those goals.

2. Guest Stars

Inviting well-known people to be a part of your takeover is not only a great promotion strategy, but it also shows that your practice is trusted by others whom your clients trust. These guest stars don’t necessarily have to be big names, however. Consider inviting another member of the medical industry, an employee to give the inside look at your office, or satisfied clients who can vouch for your work.

3. Content Format and Logistics

The next step is logistics. You need to decide when you will be hosting your Instagram takeover and how long the event will last. Who will be managing the account and how will you create the posts? How many posts will be made per day? You also need to determine whether you will be posting photos, videos, or Instagram stories and adjust your hashtags to fit each format and the specific content of that post. Make sure your guest knows what they will be talking about and what they should not mention.

Being prepared to track your metrics is also an important part of setting up your takeover. These are just a few of the metrics you may want to track regularly during your takeover:

  • Number of new followers
  • Number of likes, comments, and viewers
  • Number of direct messages
  • Number of RSVPs
  • Referral traffic to your website

4. Promotion

You should start promoting your takeover at least a few days before it begins. Don’t just promote it on your Instagram, though. Create posts on your other social media pages and include them on the launch pages of your websites. For an even bigger promotional boost, ask your guest to promote the event on their own social media and/or website.

5. Launch Your Takeover!

Having the logistics finalized and all the content set up will help your takeover run smoothly. Assign team members to upload and track the metrics of your content as it is being posted. Throughout the day, you can also promote your guest to draw people to your Instagram profile. Stay in communication with your attendees about when the next posts will be made and when the event is over so that they are not waiting after the takeover has ended.

After the takeover has ended, make sure to take a close look at your metrics to see whether you reached your goals and what worked or didn’t work so that you can plan for your next Instagram takeover or alter your marketing strategy.

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