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Healthcare Social Media 101

You should know these things about social platforms.

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A social media presence gives you a huge platform to promote your practice and earn new leads. More than 500 million people log onto Instagram every day and each one of them is a potential client. Here are eight doctors making a name for themselves not online in the medical world, but in the Instagram digital universe.

1. Dr. Mike Varshavski – @doctor.mike

Dr. Varshavski, DO, uses his Instagram to create a genuine connection with his followers and patients. He shares a mix of photos and videos that depict him at work in scrubs or relaxing at home, often with his two dogs Roxy and Bear.

2. Dr. Hazel Wallace – @thefoodmedic

Dr. Wallace, BSc, MBBCh, promotes healthy eating and nutrition by sharing recipes and meal prep ideas. Her profile has earned over 500,000 followers because of its clear branding and custom-made graphics that create consistent and aesthetically pleasing content. Her clear content form has also helped increase leads to her website, which also increases the chance for new patients.

3. Dr. Lara Devgan – @laradevganmd

Dr. Devgan, MD, MPH, FACS, uses her platform to share her extensive expertise in the medical field. Not only is she an accomplished plastic surgeon, but she is also the CEO of her luxury skincare line, and former chief medical officer of RealSelf, a website where clients and physicians post reviews and discuss medical concerns or treatments.

4. Dr. Sandra Lee – @drpimplepopper

Dr. Lee is better known by her Instagram handle, Dr. Pimple Popper. This board-certified dermatologist uses her platform to share patient experiences (with consent) and showcase her expertise in skin care treatments. Although pimple-popping videos are not for everyone, many find the videos satisfying and others simply enjoy her personable content and helpful skin care tips.

5. Dr. Andrea Tooley – @dr.andreatooley

Dr. Tooley, MD, is an oculoplastic and orbital surgeon who shares her life as a surgeon at Mayo Clinic on Instagram. She posts pictures of herself in the operating room, testing out new surgical equipment, attending conferences, and networking or learning from other eye professionals.

6. Dr. Heather Irobunda – @drheatherirobundamd

Dr. Irobunda, MD, FACOG, is a board-certified OB/GYN who uses her Instagram as an educational platform for topics not commonly discussed. She not only educates her followers on aspects of reproductive health but also brings awareness to health equity in the healthcare system.

7. Dr. Michelle Henry – @drmichellehenry

Dr. Henry, MD, is a dermatologic surgeon who promotes herself as a thought leader by sharing procedures, conference videos, and media articles she has been featured in. She has been featured on several news shows and reputable news sites.

8. Dr. Krupa Playforth – @thepediatricianmom

Dr. Playforth is a pediatrician who has created a unique niche on Instagram for mom bloggers. She connects her followers and fellow moms by discussing her parenting struggles and educates them with medical-based parenting tips.

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