Leverage EMR Data To Better Understand Your Marketing Efforts

Any marketing company can track where patients are finding your website, via sites like RealSelf, paid ad campaigns, or email campaigns. However, simply knowing where people are finding your practice and calculating how many patients actually came in for a procedure is far from what’s truly helpful: knowing what return you’re getting for investing in each marketing strategy.

Digital Limelight Media (DLM) takes this data a step further by integrating your electronic medical records (EMR) into our unique data analytics platform to provide transparent, easy-to-understand metrics to help you make better decisions about your marketing that boosts ROI.

What is Referral Tracking?

Simply put, referral tracking allows you to see where users on your site (whether or not they convert into leads or patients) came from before landing on your page. For example, if you’re on RealSelf and someone is interested in your practice based on your answers and profile, they could click through to your website from RealSelf, becoming a referral statistic in Google Analytics.

Any marketing company or practice can log into Google Analytics and see this date; in our scenario, perhaps the RealSelf profile is responsible for 30 users this month, among other referral sources such as guest blog posts or social media platforms. However, simply knowing the number of people isn’t enough.

This statistic doesn’t tell you, of the 30 leads from RealSelf, whether they actually came in to have a procedure. And critically, this has no way of knowing how much these referrals spent at your practice.

You may have 30 RealSelf referrals with 0 actual patients, but one compelling blog post sent two people to your site who then ended up purchasing the procedure highlighted in the post. When looking at this wider picture, it becomes clear which is the preferred strategy for turning curious leads into confident patients.

Linking EMR Data With Lead Data

DLM is unique in our approach to tracking, linking, and reporting referral data to help our clients strategize efficiently and make data-driven decisions to increase their ROI. We are able to uncover the blind spots that appear when looking solely at Google Analytics by matching your lead data with your EMR software to discover which referral sources actually bring in money, and which you may be wasting time pursuing.

Why Referral Reporting is Important

Knowing what sources of leads actually converts is hugely important for many aspects of how your run your practice, especially when your goal is growth and scaling. Spending money on digital traffic sources that aren’t actually making you any money is a recipe for stagnation and frustration. Here are a few reasons why referral reporting with EMR data is important for your practice.

Adjust SEO Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, what worked yesterday to drive traffic and paying customers to businesses may not work tomorrow. By paying attention to the referral sources that are bringing your most lucrative traffic, you can identify what content to highlight, where you may need to reevaluate your strategy, and what works best to convert leads into patients.

When a referral source is underperforming others, it may be time to think about revising the content that’s there or even relying on that referral source at all. And on the flipside, when a source is performing very well, you may benefit from doubling down on those efforts, which can lead to more qualified leads coming to your website, further boosting its rankings overall.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With all the information at your fingertips with DLM’s marketing platform, you no longer need to guess at which procedures or types of patients are the best for business; you can know. This allows you to make decisions about what procedures may be popular in the future with certain groups of people, or simply making shorter-term decisions such as reducing paid advertising when your organic content is doing so well on its own.

Discover New Collaborators

A huge benefit of tracking referral sources is to find which new channels have great potential to boost your revenue. Whether that’s by partnering with social media influencers, becoming active on sites like RealSelf, or making media appearances, referral reporting can tell you which efforts work and just how much money that 30-second TV spot got you.

Comprehensive Marketing Analytics With DLM

The data you collect tells a story. Unfortunately, many medical marketing companies don’t put the right pieces together in the right place to give you the transparent truth of where your revenue is coming from. Learn more and do more with a medical marketing partner who can get you the information you need to make data-driven decisions to help your practice grow, scale, and reach new patients. Get to know us by reading our blog and browsing our website or get started making smarter decisions by contacting us online today.