Email Automation Drip Campaigns: Your How-To Guide

Email Automation Drip Campaigns: Your How-To Guide

Powerful automation makes quick work of complex marketing pathways.

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You probably receive several emails from brands and businesses every day, and for one simple reason: email marketing works. Sending all of these emails manually would be ridiculously time-consuming, but automations can seem impersonal if they aren’t created carefully. At DLM, our team creates automated emails and drip campaigns that connect with recipients, simplify communication, and bring new patients into your practice.

What is Email Automation?

An email automation is simply an email sent based on an action taken by the recipient, such as signing up for your mailing list or completing a lead form on your website. These emails are sent automatically without requiring action from you or your marketing team once they are set up. Email automations are a great marketing tool for things like eblasts about special offers or newsletters to keep your patients updated with your practice. This allows you to reach a large number of people without wasting valuable time.

What is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is a more sophisticated type of automated email. Drip campaigns include an automated sequence of emails that will send based on a series of actions from the recipient, measuring factors like their open rate before sending the next email in the campaign. For example, the first email in a drip campaign may be a welcome message and a general overview of your practice, followed a few days later by information on scheduling an appointment.

How Can I Integrate a Drip Campaign with Segmented Lists?

In medical marketing, the most common way we segment email lists is according to patients’ procedures of interest. Your marketing specialist will ensure that the contact form on your site includes a field for potential patients to specify which procedure they are most interested in so they can create segmented email lists accordingly. A drip campaign to a segmented list of those interested in rhinoplasty, for example, may begin with a general overview of the procedure and a link to learn more on your website, followed by assurance that your staff will reach out to them soon, followed by a guide of what to expect during a consultation as they wait for their initial appointment. These drip campaigns appeal to recipients because they are personalized to their interests and provide valuable information, increasing their open rates and building a relationship before they even visit your office.

How Can I Manage My Email Automation Drip Campaigns?

At DLM, we offer our own customized email software that allows you to manage your automated drip campaigns alongside your marketing specialist. It all works through your DLM Insight login, making it easy to view and manage your drip campaigns. Your marketing specialist will help you through every step of the way, offering expert advice on the right time to set up a drip campaign, which procedures and segmented lists to target, and more considerations for your overall strategy.

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