Rethinking Your Email Subscription List

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On the surface level, it may seem that your email subscription is working well, but a deeper analysis may reveal that your subscribers are not engaged. By evaluating the metrics of your subscription list, you can create better strategies to keep subscribers engaged.

Getting Started

One of the first things you may want to look at is the churn rate or the percentage of subscribers leaving your email list within a certain period of time. Churning happens not only when clients unsubscribe from your email list, but also when they send your emails to spam or simply don’t open them. A few questions to ask as we analyze your subscription list include:

Are Your Subscribers Staying?

The numbers of your subscriber list may be consistent or even growing, but take a closer look. What might actually be consistent is the balance between new subscribers and those who are leaving, which means your growth rate could be higher than what you are seeing.

Are You Sending Too Many Emails?

The saying “more is better” holds true in many cases, including emails. Although your content might be good, too much of it can make all your emails blend together and important information such as promotions or specials can be forgotten. Too many emails can also clog a person’s inbox, making your content something to be immediately deleted to get out of the way.

Is Your Content Relevant?

Know your audience and what people are currently interested in to create an engaging newsletter. For example, summertime may attract people who want a refresh for their skincare routine. Winter may encourage people to seek out cosmetic surgery.

Improving Your Subscription List

Email lists mirror the number of clients you have scheduled for appointments at your practice. Losing subscribers means losing those potential clients. You can reduce churn rate by:

  1. Sending personalized welcome emails
  2. Set up a loyalty program
  3. Ask for feedback
  4. Let subscribers create custom preferences to receive only some emails

Keep altering and testing these methods until you see increases in churn rate, open rate, and clickthrough rate.

Let DLM Track Your Metrics

Our marketing team at Digital Limelight Media can help you develop an effective marketing strategy to engage new and existing clients. Our specialty tool DLM Insight automatically tracks the metrics of your email subscriptions so we can keep testing and improving churn rate and more until you have a consistently growing, fully engaged subscription list. Contact us today to learn about how we can improve your subscription list and your overall marketing campaign.