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Our product
is our people

We refer to ourselves as an island of misfits and we prefer it that way. Everyone at DLM has come from different and unique backgrounds, but we all carry the same values and principles.  We believe that excellent customer service starts within the four walls of our office. If we enjoy working with one another and we are fair with each other, then that positive energy will be the foundation for positive customer service. We know when to work hard but we also know when not to take life too seriously.

DLM History

Kyle Peacy, our Founder and CEO, started DLM after he saw an opportunity for good customer service in the aesthetic marketing space. It started with a single idea, a basic business plan and one client. From there, the growth of DLM has been 100% organic one client at a time. It is quit simple really, if you want something, go out and get it. We hustled hard, we funneled the haters into motivation and we retained clients. We picked Grand Rapids as our home, because we love it here.  

There are two types of companies. There are the companies that spend a significant amount of their money on a sales team and there are companies that spend their money on customer service. The companies that double down on a sales team need to sell fast, because their client retention rate is terrible. DLM focuses on customer service and innovative technology to drive the client relationship. We retain over 95% of our clients, which allows us to not require a sales team. With outstanding client retention, we are the obvious choice. 


& Values

To remain leaders in the medical marketing industry by leveraging technology and actionable data to deliver personalized patient experiences.


We take the road less traveled & seek out challenges in our industry. When we spot a challenge, we develop a solution.


The time we spend, the products we develop, and the people we hire are geared around a better customer experience.


Great customer service starts with positive company culture. Our people are our product and we stand behind them.


We often adjust processes to ensure the most scalable approach. This allows us to be more proactive for our clients.


We believe in being open and honest. We do this both internally among our selves as well as with our clients.

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