Our Product Is Our People

We refer to ourselves as an island of misfits and we prefer it that way. Everyone at DLM has come from different and unique backgrounds, but we all carry the same values and principles.  We believe that excellent customer service starts within the four walls of our office. If we enjoy working with one another and we are fair with each other, then that positive energy will be the foundation for positive customer service. We know when to work hard but we also know when not to take life too seriously.

Why Choose DLM?

Digital Limelight Media is an all-in-one web design and digital advertising agency located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After years of working in the medical marketing industry, the founders of DLM realized that personalized in-person services were becoming ever so absent in the fast-paced digital age. DLM was created in order to bring a personal touch to a digital environment. So whether you are a small startup practice or a flourishing practice, DLM has a marketing strategy to fit your practices’ particular needs to make your practice thrive.

Our History

With the belief that technology should enhance business relationships, not replace them, DLM has created a personalized and trusted approach to effectively market Plastic Surgeons. Our process allows us to custom tailor strategies that fit your needs and is 100% transparent between your team and ours. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry of Plastic Surgery, DLM has the knowledge and experience to help grow your practice and maximize your marketing budget.

Our Mission & Value


We take the road less traveled & seek out challenges in our industry. When we spot a challenge, we develop a solution.


Great customer service starts with positive company culture. Our people are our product and we stand behind them.

Customer Centric

The time we spend, the products we develop, and the people we hire are geared around a better customer experience.


We believe in being open and honest. We do this both internally among our selves as well as with our clients.

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