Benefits Of A Centralized Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

5 Ways a CRM Can Help You Better Manage Your Leads

Powerful automation and tracking data make CRMs a vital database for your practice.

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If you’re like many medical practices throughout the US, it can feel like you’re constantly researching and adopting new technology and software to help keep your growing practice on par with the demands of patient care. One of the most critical pieces of software your practice should have is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to create a hub of patient information so anyone can access it to complete tasks.

However, many CRMs out there for medical practices fail to integrate fully into other beneficial systems, such as your EMR. Or on the other hand, not every CRM gives multiple people access to every record, which silos information and can lead to poor customer service. Here’s what a centralized CRM can do for your practice and how DLM can help get you started with our medical marketing tools.

What is a Centralized CRM?

There are many CRM tools out there, some free, some paid, some designed specifically for medical practices (such as DLM’s). The point is to store information about customers (in your case, patients) to track the history of each person who interacts with your practice. Ideally, this is from the first phone call or contact form all the way through to your EMR, where their lifetime value can be tracked and used to report on which marketing channels are the most profitable for your practice.

CRMs should also provide tools to connect with patients in a central location, rather than having to log into, for example, a separate email software to send appointment reminders or treatment specials. Ideally, these would all be plugged into a single username and password for your office staff, so they only have to remember one login and every staff member can see what every other staff member is doing. This is the power of a centralized CRM.

Benefits of Centralized CRM

A powerful and customized CRM can help your practice scale healthily while maintaining a “personal touch” experience for patients. This in turn can make patients more likely to return for additional treatments, which in turn helps inform your marketing strategy, focusing dollars and expanded advertising on the treatments or channels that bring in the most revenue. Additional benefits of a centralized experience include:

  • Easier hand-off for front office employees
  • Access to patients’ entire interaction history when following up
  • Easy-to-access tools for sending emails, texts, and making phone calls with automated record keeping
  • Real-time tracking of leads and billing requests

There’s even more to the CRM provided by DLM, which you can learn about by calling a marketing specialist or contacting us online today.

CRM Built For Medical Practices

If you’re struggling to scale your practice effectively, it might be time to re-think your internal infrastructure, especially if you’re currently using multiple platforms to accomplish similar goals. Find out if DLM’s integrated CRM is right for you and get a demo of our products by calling our office or contacting our team online today.