Is My Business Too Small for a CRM?

When you’re a small business owner, every dollar counts. Your budget is set and balanced and you only want to invest in software that works for your customers and supports the bottom line. With smaller margins, it’s no wonder you want to be choosy with your investments.

A CRM should be a major consideration for every business. Here we’ll discuss what a CRM is, how your business can benefit from one, and why every small business can thrive with the implementation of a CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM is an acronym which stands for customer relationship management.

When people use the shorthand, CRM, they are referring to CRM software which manages all customer interactions with your business, and the entire lead funnel. There are many different CRM systems that exist. These can range from simple databases to highly complex software.

The essential purpose of a CRM is to document customer information. Although, highly advanced versions are available which manage all contacts, documents, analytics, and touchpoints your business has with any specific customer, patient, or lead.

This begs the question, what are the benefits of a CRM?

Benefits of a CRM

The benefits of a CRM are extensive and depending on which CRM software you use, highly customizable. Some of the main reasons a business can benefit from a CRM are:

1.   One-Stop-Shop

Between customer information, documents, and notes – there’s a lot to keep track of. A CRM affords your business a one-stop-shop to input data on every lead that walks through the door…or even lands on your website homepage.

2.   Efficiency

Between automatic email senders, excel spreadsheets, scheduling tools, and more – there are endless tasks competing for your staff’s limited attention and time. A CRM centralizes all necessary functions of your office, optimizing your team’s time. To put it simply, a CRM standardizes processes, saving you time and money.

3.   Consistency

If a team member goes on vacation or you have staff turnover, information is often lost in the shuffle. A CRM solves this issue by hosting a central login for all staff and a standardized system for documentation, categorization, and process.

4.   Real-Time Data

Advanced CRM’s don’t only just help manage information, but import it with highly efficient software and algorithms. This can give your business cutting edge information for marketing, trends, and help aid smart business decisions.

CRM is Essential for Small Businesses

Investing in CRM software is crucial for any business, regardless of size. The insight gathered from a properly engaged CRM system can set your company up for success from the beginning by keeping a pulse on the entire life cycle of a lead – from first impression to lifelong customer.

Imagine a system in which you can segment email blasts to specific customer segments. Or knowing when a lead is most receptive to a phone call or text. Detailed patient notes are uniform, searchable, and time stamped automatically.

As a small business, CRM doesn’t just manage the customer relationships you already have, but helps your business grow. The size of your business does not affect the indispensable benefit of a CRM.

A Custom CRM System Built for You: DLM Insight

Interested in learning more about what a CRM can look like for your business? Digital Limelight Media offers a custom built CRM system called DLM Insight. Capable of integrating analytics, marketing efforts, call tracking, eblasts, customer databases, and more – the system is created to help your business grow.

A finely tuned machine, DLM Insight is a customizable CRM platform which integrates relevant business strategies for your practice. The answer is clear. But if you need more convincing, Let’s Chat.