Why is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Better than a Spreadsheet?

5 Ways a CRM Can Help You Better Manage Your Leads

Powerful automation and tracking data make CRMs a vital database for your practice.

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While spreadsheets are a popular way to organize data such as sales, customer info, and reports, they also have many flaws. For example, you need more than one sheet to track different types of data, you cannot track customer relationships, and all your information is spread across separate people or devices. These disadvantages are pushing more businesses to opt for CRMs or customer relationship managers. A CRM is an online database of sales data, customer info, and marketing info. With a CRM, businesses can store all their data in one place, making the process much more organized and convenient. Overall, CRMs can do many things more efficiently than spreadsheets. Read on to learn more.

Show a Chronological History of Your Relationship with Each Contact

One of the most important functions of a CRM is that it allows you to track every phone call, email, and meeting with a lead or customer without losing track of old data, deleting, or having to switch to another spreadsheet. A CRM can keep a consecutive history of your relationship with patients without sacrificing past notes or transparency. You can even log email threads to contacts without the need for tedious copy and pasting.

Keep All of Your Info in One Place

When using a CRM, all of your data will be together. One CRM can hold the content of many spreadsheets and the functionality of numerous apps. With a CRM, you will not need to search multiple spreadsheets, file folders, or email threads to find the info you need.

Proactively Remind You of Follow Ups

A CRM will remind you of who you’re supposed to call each day, when your meetings are, or what follow-ups you forgot to do the day before. In your CRM, you can also check your calendar and task report for events and to-dos. This can be very beneficial for keeping on top of tasks.

Encourage Your Team to Collaborate

Multiple users can be logged in and can have access to data, tasks, and events through a CRM. This can be helpful if your team is working on a project together since you can read each other’s notes and emails, so you are always up to date. You can also assign tasks to one another and schedule internal meetings with your CRM calendar.

Automatically Backup Your Data

Many CRM companies will automatically backup your data, which is helpful if your data is ever lost in an emergency. Most CRM companies are going to securely encrypt and store your data in multiple off-site locations so you can have peace of mind.

Have Customer Support

With a CRM, you have customer support at your fingertips! Great customer service will demo the software to your team, customize your account, talk through workflows, and show you how to pull reports, import data, and more.

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