Customer Relationship Management

The DLM CRM let’s you streamline your lead communication so you can focus on booking more patient appointments and working less to get them. 

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Say "so long" to messy spreadsheets

The DLM CRM will replace your messy spreadsheets and arm your staff with enterprise level technology at a small business price point. Organize and sort new patient opportunities, by creating tasks to remind yourself of important follow-up attempts. Centralize the email, phone calls, SMS and lead reminders in one easy to use environment. 

Get full visibility into your patient

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Stop Letting Leads Slip Through The Cracks With An Easy-To-Use Sales CRM

Get a real-time view of your new patient pipeline with a clean and visually striking dashboard. DLM CRM takes only minutes to learn and will leave you in the know with where your practice pipeline sits.

DLM CRM offers insight into lead response times and KPI’s arming you the tools you need to further train and educate your staff on Lead Management.

The DLM CRM will give your staff the tools they need to close more leads into patients while working less to get them. 

DLM has been a game changer for our
practice. We have more clarity and
efficiency in our marketing than we ever

Brian Coan, MD FACS

Care Plastic Surgery

Automate Communication

DLM CRM can automate initial lead communication via email and SMS. Automate front office admin processes while improving lead response times. On average this resutls in a 30% increase in lead to appointment conversions (Salesforce). 

Optimize & Grow

DLM CRM is an intuitive application that allows your staff to email, SMS, and call leads directly out of one user interface. As your staff communicates with leads they can progress the lead to various stages such as: new opportunity, contacted, scheduled appointment, not interested, not qualified, or call back later. 

Improve Your Bottom Line

A CRM is one of the most impactful ways a practice can boost their bottom line revenue. If you are spending money on marketing, a CRM will help you accelerate the conversion of those leads into paying patients. 

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