Why An All-In-One Platform Is Essential For Healthcare Practice Growth

5 Ways a CRM Can Help You Better Manage Your Leads

Powerful automation and tracking data make CRMs a vital database for your practice.

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The Advancement of Medical Practice Technology

In the last several years, medical marketing technology and practice management software have accelerated in their development, covering more bases than ever before and allowing practices to expand their services while maintaining their staff’s capacity. However, adopting multiple new approaches to overlapping aspects of your practice management and growth strategies has its downfall as products like DLM Insight become more flexible and comprehensive – it can be hard for different systems to talk to each other, resulting in mismanaged data and a lack of insight into what’s actually working or not working.

The right technology solutions for your medical practice, as we hope to show you in this article, don’t rely on multiple “point solutions” that address one or two aspects at a time. Instead, the right technology incorporates a holistic approach to marketing, practice operations, and data storage and management across as much of the platform as possible.

How To Find The Right Practice Management Technology

Is the Software Easy to Use?

The first question you should ask yourself as a practice owner or manager is whether the people in your office (or potential future hires) will be able to use the new technology. There are a range of intuitive styles and a limit to the number of software systems available to medical practices, not to mention the human capability of your staff at any given time.

If the new platform isn’t going to be used correctly by people who want to use it or is avoided because the “old way” is easier, it’s going to lead to a low adoption rate and even lower ROI. When you can, allow your team to access free trials or demo software before going all-in on the latest product.

Does the Technology Address Multiple Needs?

It’s rarely possible to find a healthcare technology platform that can handle everything from outbound marketing to EMR transfers, but limiting the number of point solutions can help your team learn the technology that matters more efficiently.

This also helps lower costs, as an expanded single piece of technology can often cost less than trying to piecemeal multiple services to cover the necessary processes.

Does the Technology Simplify Office Processes?

Or, asked another way, does the new product streamline your processes? When finding the answer to this question, it’s helpful to have your staff weigh in—after all, they’re going to be the ones completing the processes day in and day out and comparing it mentally to the old way.

For example, if you’re using a one-off service to provide your staff the ability to chat with patients who are visiting your website online, it might be worth asking if your staff prefers having that tool separate than say, your email marketing platform, which could also be different than your practice’s CRM.

With a tool like DLM Insight, these distinct features all reside under one login. With a CRM tied to your unique EMR database, Iris Text AI empowering real-time or after-hours automated texting, and email marketing tools all rolled into a single platform, your team won’t have to remember multiple passwords and your leads will be fully streamlined so you know exactly where they came from and how much they may or may not have spent at your practice.

Does the Technology Integrate With Must-Have Systems?

Some medical practice technologies don’t “speak” to others, whether due to the competitive nature of the market or for lack of robust development. You know your practice’s must-have systems, usually EMR database tools or other HIPAA-compliant softwares, and with the latest developments in all-in-one offerings, you no longer have to silo these technologies from things like your marketing database.

DLM offers integrations that are HIPAA-compliant with the most popular EMRs in the country to help you make data-informed decisions from end-to-end lead tracking and reporting to help your practice grow and increase your marketing ROI.

Does the Software Collect and Report Accurate and Relevant Information?

This leads us to the last point. Real-time reporting on ROI, lead generation, SEO, website performance, and many other metrics are critical in the highly volatile and competitive healthcare industry. With DLM Insight, our reporting tools allow you to set and track your practice’s established key performance indicators, or recommend our own based on performance in your industry or region.

All-In-One Medical Practice Marketing Technology

As medical marketing experts, we know first-hand how valuable an integrated tool like DLM Insight can have for our clients. Whether you need the full suite of available tools or want to start with an updated website and see what can help you grow from there, our marketing specialists are happy to talk to you about your goals and current issues with your practice technology. Feel free to call our office at 616-222-3735 or contact us at info@dlmconversion.com today to learn more.