EMR Integration

DLM is the only marketing company that integrates with the top three EMR systems, Symplast, Nextech, and PatientNow. Our integrations are extensive in the fact that we are able to access patient data and match it against lead data for accurate and real time revenue and operational metrics.

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Why Would I Want EMR Integration?​

It is simple really. If you are tired of your marketing company showing you arbitrary data that is not backed by dollars and cents, then EMR Integration is for you. Also, if you are having difficulty managing marketing leads and want a system that is simple to manage those leads that also communicates with your EMR, then DLMInsight is for you.  

For example, let’s assume you spent 5k on a Google Ads Campaign. You are probably used to the following reporting: impressions, clicks, calls, and leads. Now let’s assume you are doing a Google Paid Ads Campaign with DLMInsight EMR Integration. We report on the following: impressions, clicks, calls, leads, appointments, no-shows, surgery, and revenue. We can show you exactly how much money you made and where each of the leads are at with the practice. All of this data is made available in DLMInsight and can be accessed whenever you feel like logging in. This is the DLM difference. An integrated practice where your marketing communicates to your EMR and your EMR communicates to your marketing is the practice of today.

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What Can I Use EMR Integration For?

The 10+ years we have been in business we have built a system that supports marketing at scale, lead management, and revenue reporting while communicating back and forth to your EMR. This allows us to close the loop between marketing and sales. We have put this system together in a single application called DLMInsight. DLMInsight is a cloud based Marketing and Operational app that allows you to see key performance indicators while also giving your staff the ability the manage the patient leads through email, SMS, and calls. Picture a single user interface where you can login and see the following marketing key performance indicators:

  • CRM – The ability to call, SMS, and email leads while moving through the qualification process of the practice.
  • Campaigns – Email and SMS mass marketing campaign management
  • SEO – Rankings, content updates, blogs, FAQs, Schema, local citations, and website traffic.
  • Review Management – current reviews, total reviews
  • Goals and Expectations
  • ROI – Match contact records from marketing campaigns to EMR, update EMR referral source to the accurate referral source, and extract EMR revenue to tie out Marketing ROI.

DLM has been a game changer for our
practice. We have more clarity and
efficiency in our marketing than we ever

Brian Coan, MD FACS

Care Plastic Surgery

Is EMR Integration HIPAA Compliant?

The short answer, yes. We are a covered entity and everything that we use to power our client’s data is end-to-end encrypted and protected. We have had rigorous HIPAA audits to ensure our systems are the Fort Knox of technology. Any third-party tools that we use are also complaint and we have BAA’s in place with those organizations, such as Amazon Web Services. If you would like to learn more about our compliance, please do not hesitate to ask.

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