When most people think of paid advertising they think of Google AdWords. However, paid advertising covers a wide spectrum of digital advertising mediums in which they can pay for their advertising. These mediums range from Google AdWords, re-targeting, social media advertising, and video ads on YouTube.

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Do I Need Paid Advertising?

Most successful practices do both SEO and paid advertising. The cost per acquisition on paid advertising is higher, however the results tend to be a more immediate. Also, the ability to show up in multiple spots on the first page of the search results has a huge advantage to clickthrough rate.

If you are a brand-new practice without any authority or age on your domain name, paid advertising is something you must do. It takes time to start to show up in the search results especially above the fold through organic SEO. Paid advertising allows you to get that shot in the arm right out
of the gate.

If you are an established practice, there are many forms of
paid advertising that will help you get more exposure and ultimately more traffic and leads. We typically recommend doing Google paid ads, retargeting
ads, and video ads on youtube. These mediums have tremendous value and impact to their clients bottom line.


  • Keyword Research
  • Location Research
  • Competition Analysis

Ad Design

  • Landing Page Design
  • Tracking
  • Content Creation


  • Ad Setup
  • Monitoring
  • Tweaking the Ad

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What Are the Different Types of Paid Advertising?

We are a data first company. We deliver a unique partnership built on trust and transparency. We leverage our data to create robust strategies and stunning creative that improve your bottom line.


These are the typical ads you see in the Google search results at the top of every page. This is what most people think paid advertising is, which to some extent it is, but it is just simply a medium. We highly recommend setting up Google paperclip campaigns for branded keywords as well as procedures that you really want to focus on. You can also get pretty aggressive and you can show up for your competitors branded search terms

 This medium of paid advertising is very underutilized. The average cost-per-click for clients with Google display advertising is less than a dollar. The exposure is on websites that pertain to your target market as mobile applications that are relative to your target market. This ad shows up in the form of banner designs that our team designs, we have the practice period.

If somebody leaves your website how do you re-engage with them? This is where retargeting ads come in. If somebody does not fill out the contact form on your website and leaves, we can start to show them banner ads across multiple websites online. These are typically low cost-per-click and the conversion on these are usually high.

 YouTube is becoming more and more popular as years go buy. Getting in front of this medium with some video ads goes a long way. Again, we can target specific channels and videos that are relative to your target market and location. We strongly recommend getting into this form of paid advertising as it’s paying large dividends for our clients.

Social media ads are good depending on which service you want to advertise. If you are trying to market nonsurgical procedures, that would be the best approach. If you want to do paid advertising for surgical we would recommend one of the above mentioned. The leads tend to be a little less qualified in social media ads as well. However, the exposure is really solid and the cost-per-click is generally really low. This is a good form of advertising to test out in your market for a non-surgical service.

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How Do I Track My ROI?

One thing we often hear when we set up campaigns for paid advertising is how will I know how much money I made? If you elect to use our service for ROI tracking and EMR Integration, we will be able to show you exactly how many patients came from paid advertising and how much money they spent.   

The advantage of having that type of data is obvious. If we are able to identify returns of 3X per campaign, then we can easily justify a bump in ad spend. If we run a campaign and it under performs, we can spot that immediately and we can trim the fat. Doing paid advertising without ROI tracking has its risks.

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