How to Prepare for a Successful  Website Launch

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Launching a new website can be a vital part of your business’s success. There can be many reasons for wanting to launch or relaunch a new website. Maybe your brand vision has changed and you need an updated website to go along with your new branding. Or maybe you are designing a website for the first time. Whatever the reason, once you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a new site, you may be wondering, how to prepare for a successful website launch?

There are many elements that go into launching a new site spanning many specialty areas, from copywriting, to software development, to design, and search engine optimization (SEO). To aid in the process of your website launch, we’ve created a handy list compiling essential aspects of a successful website launch. 

What to Do Before Launching Your Site

Before pressing publish on your brand new site, there are some items you should consider before your site makes its debut. Make sure you’ve taken proper steps beforehand to ensure a smooth website launch. 

Make sure you are on track with your website redesign strategy. 

Ensuring alignment with your website redesign strategy allows you to make sure you’re hitting key benchmarks and staying on task to attain your goals. Read more about why you need a website redesign strategy here.

Benchmark your current site analytics.

Getting your site rankings to where you want them requires knowing where your site currently ranks. Utilize your current analytic measurements to note key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can compare against later on, after site launch, to make sure your site is performing as designed. 

Stick to your branding. 

Designing a website is a chance to put your best foot forward to your target audience. Ensure that your brand identity is felt throughout your entire site. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board to make it your own before launching your site.

Review, Review, Review.

The bulk of content on a site is typically text. With menu headings, in-depth page copy, contact information, and informational blogs, there’s a lot of content to review. It’s essential to get as many eyes on this copy as possible. Because nothing breaks your audience’s trust as much as simple grammatical errors. 

Test your conversion points.

Capturing your website users’ information is imperative to converting leads. Testing your contact form, and how a user gets there, is a common oversight that can have disastrous repercussions. Go through your site conversion path as if you were a new user and ensure your forms are converting correctly.

Ensure you are following all relevant laws.

Each industry has different standards and laws when it comes to online discourse. It’s best to consult legal counsel to ensure all relevant laws for your industry are being recognized on your site, before launching.

Develop a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Understanding how to work SEO into your site design and management is imperative to success in the online world today. This plan should include developing meta titles and descriptions, optimizing site content for relevant keywords, and responsive design– to name a few. If you’re feeling lost when it comes to SEO, we can help.

Set up analytics for your new site.

Launching a site without Google Analytics causes you to miss out on rich data regarding site performance, traffic, and user engagement. Make sure analytics is up and running upon launch to make sure you aren’t missing out on important information that can help you make smart business decisions in the future.

Test the user experience.

Give your website multiple run-throughs from a new user’s perspective. It’s easy to assume your site has a seamless user experience (UX) when you’ve been working with it for so long. Have different members of your team test the site and take notes of pain points that could cause confusion for a new user. Make sure to address these items before launch.

Test all plugins, injects, and videos.

There are many moving parts to a website including plugins for added functionality, custom plugins, and embedded videos. Be sure to test all functional elements of your site to make sure all code is presenting properly on the front end. 

Enact a promotion strategy.

Get excited! Designing a new website is something to celebrate. Get your staff and clients excited for the launch by developing exciting ways to encourage engagement with your new site. Host a site ribbon-cutting party or create a countdown on your social media. If you’re excited, your audience will be too!

List too long? Bring in the Professionals

Launching a website successfully is a big feat. It’s helpful to have a team of professionals to walk you through the process and help you feel comfortable launching a new site. Digital Limelight Media (DLM) specializes in medical marketing site redesign with SEO infused into every element of your website. We have systems in place to streamline the process and have experience creating sites that convert at a high rate, remain secure and are HIPPA compliant. If you’re considering launching a new site, see if our services are right for you, give us a call, or schedule a time to chat with us.