I Just Bought A Laser – How Can I Make My Money Back?

There’s no debating that laser platforms can come at a huge cost to your business – if you’ve been considering adding one to your services, then you’ve likely explored some of your options. It can seem daunting at first when looking at the numbers and wondering if it’s worth the risk of losing your investment. But, with big risks can come big rewards, and fortunately there’s a big demand for lasers in not just the cosmetic industry, but many other fields as well. If you’ve bought a laser platform, then it’s important to know how to make the most out of with a few smart moves. Here’s a quick guide to maximizing your return on investment and transforming your practice’s potential.

Why Buy a Laser Platform?

It’s good practice to consider ways you can deliver the latest and greatest products and services your customers want when they hear about them by word of mouth, social media, or marketing campaigns. It’s also good practice to explore ways you can set your business up with an eye on the future.

A big purchase like an in-demand laser platform can check both of these boxes. If your laser platform has a high demand, then purchasing one can help you fill that demand for years to come, returning your investment and then some. Depending on your market, you’ll be able to set the price for local customers who will seek out your services before looking outside their area for the treatment they want.

Why Your Product Launch Is Essential

It might seem easy to go buy a laser platform, invest in training, and start performing treatments, but there’s one important step before you can expect to see a return on your investment. Firstly, customers need to know that your new laser platform is available, and they won’t know that without a little more investment on your part. A product launch is the best way to generate hype and reach patients already looking for the newest treatment they saw on social media. A dedicated campaign for your newest technology can help you get patients in the door much quicker than relying on patients finding it on their own. And the sooner you get patients through the door, the sooner you can begin to recoup your costs.

What to Include in Your Product Launch

Successful product launches have to include more than just a social media post. In fact, your campaign should span multiple platforms and media to reach your customers. In general, a well-rounded approach should include:

  • Google Ads
  • Social media (organic and paid ads)
  • Eblasts and blog posts
  • Website landing pages, banner ads, and pop-ups

It’s good practice to also offer patients a limited-time deal on treatment packages as part of your product launch. This makes sure they act fast and don’t pass on the treatment they’ve been hoping for – or look somewhere else.

Tracking Your ROI

Tracking your ROI is an important step in guiding your decision-making process. The easiest way to do this is through your EMR – not just to track existing patients, but to gather data that can be useful in future campaigns By getting targeted insight on your patients, you can make sure your investment continues to return revenue even after it’s paid for itself.

Why You Should Make Long-Term Investments In Your Business

Keeping an eye toward the future of your business can help you make smarter, more sustainable decisions. It can be easy to fret about the short term, but long-term investments can pay off in the long run. Just make sure to do it thoughtfully and rely on the expertise of your marketing team – and have a little patience.

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