Responsive Website Design for Medical Practices & Why You Need It!

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One of the biggest buzz words of 2014 has been responsive design. I would like to go over why this is important and what this means for your practice.

Isn’t Responsive Design the Same as a mobile Site?

No. This is a very common misunderstanding. A responsive website is built to adjust to any size screen. This means that your site will look great on your desktop, tablet, and mobile device. Essentially, a responsive design shifts various objects in place depending on the size of the screen you are viewing the site on. This ensures that your website will look great on various platforms. So, you will still have a mobile version of your site, however it will be built into the original design. A traditional mobile site does not satisfy that demand and is typically a subdomain of your site,

Responsive Design Benefits SEO for Medical Practices

Google prefers for a website to have one true version, not multiple versions of a site to fit different devices. A responsive design is one version of the site, built to fit all devices. This in itself give strong signals to google and in turn is more favorable when it comes to increasing in the search engines.

Responisve website design for Medical Practices will increase your conversion rate

Since responsive design is programmed to fit nicely on all devices, this will increase your conversion rates by showing your visitors the most important elements of your site to fit the device they are on. So why not increase your chances of a booked consultation?