What’s the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

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UX and UI design are two elements that work very closely together in the design of products and services, as well as the digital content that promotes these services. By working together, UI and UX create visually appealing, user-accessible designs that encourage the users to complete a certain action. For medical professionals, that action is getting users to schedule a consultation or appointment.

What is UX Design?

UX design stands for user experience design, and it involves the interaction between a client and the services you offer at your practice or the products you sell. It relates to anything that can be experienced, including the office itself, your website, and the procedure patients undergo. You can use UX design to improve the interactions you have with potential clients and the overall feeling people have when they interact with any component of your practice.

What Do UX Designers Do?

  • Content development
  • User research and analytics
  • Wireframing and development planning
  • Track goals
  • Coordinate with developers

What is UI Design?

UI design stands for user interface design, and it involves the actual look and presentation of your products or services. UI refers to the digital interactions your patients might have with your website and social media. A good design allows users to easily navigate your website, find working buttons to schedule consultations or call the office, and overall have a visually appealing experience. UI considers everything from icons and buttons to typography and color schemes.

What Do UI Designers Do?

  • Design graphics and branding
  • Adapt websites to all device screen sizes
  • Look at analytics
  • Work on the responsiveness of digital elements
  • Improve interactivity of digital elements

How Do UX and UI Design Work Together?

UI is about how the product’s interface looks while UX considers the feeling users will get from that look. UX designers consider the entire customer journey; for example, what steps do they need to take to schedule a consultation and how easy is it to do that? UI designers consider which visual components will help create that easiness and what components users might have to interact with, such as swiping an image gallery or tapping a button.

Here is an example that might help. Let’s say your homepage has several clickable icons to separate facial procedures, body procedures, and aesthetics. If the buttons are too close together and users keep clicking the wrong button by mistake, UI is getting in the way of a good UX design.

How to Incorporate UX and UI Design in Your Marketing Strategy

At DLM, we have a team of marketing specialists, website developers, and content writers all working together to create your brand with visually appealing materials. The ultimate goal is to get patients in the door and both the look and feel of your website, social media, email newsletters, blogs, videos, or any other material will impact that patient’s design to schedule an appointment.

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