Do I Need a New Website in 2022?

What’s the Difference Between a Custom and a Customizable Site?

Learn the difference between two types of website solutions.

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When you take a look at your current website, do you believe it has reached its potential? Some ways a website can be labeled as successful is when it is easy for the user to navigate, it informs the visitor with a clear message, and it draws in the reader with quality content and visuals. If it has been a while since you have updated your site or even taken a look at it, now is the time to do so! At DLM, we work to create quality, user-friendly websites to help set you apart from the competition. Read on to learn more about the main components that should be included in your website.

In order for your visitors to successfully find their way throughout your website, good navigation is key to a quality user experience. When you visit a website, you will most likely search for the navigation menu, which is an organized list of links to internal pages. The navigation menu is most commonly found along with the page header of the website for quick access. This element will allow users to quickly and easily find the information they are searching for, such as a procedure page or a blog post.


Once you click on a link in the navigation, it will bring you to the corresponding web page. A web page is displayed on a website to provide information to your viewer. Web pages can contain pictures or videos to help illustrate certain topics, as well as quality writing to inform visitors. Multiple web pages together make up a website.


At DLM, our web publishing software of choice is WordPress, which allows us to create posts on a website. Posts are blog content that is listed in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). This allows for your newest posts to be quickly available for posting, while older posts are archived based on the month and year.  Blogs can be very beneficial for spreading useful information, which helps your business to stand out as a trusted source of information in your industry.


If you scroll to the bottom of a web page, you will come across a section of content called the footer. It commonly contains information such as a logo, contact information, copyright notice, privacy policy, social media icons, etc. This space allows for a quick one-stop spot for users to find information that may not be found in the navigation.


Have you ever visited a web page that contained images, videos, or audio files? If so, you have come across what is known as “media”. Media is important because it provides imagery or sound to aid in the user’s journey.  Humans are naturally visible beings, so images tend to attract our attention quite easily. A website that contains appealing media is more likely to achieve more views and clicks, which is exactly what you want!


A web banner, also known as a banner ad, is a form of advertising that is shown in the header, footer, or sidebar. Banners are commonly considered to be an affordable form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that is ideal for increasing brand awareness or customer engagement.

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So, does everyone need a new website? No. However, if it has been a while since you have updated your site or you are noticing that your site is missing some of these key elements, it would be beneficial to your brand to explore the possibility of re-design. If you are looking to improve your website in 2022, our team is here to help. Fill out our online contact form to get started.