It’s Your Brand! 3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency Matters.

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Think of your brand as a person. This person is who represents your practice. They have a name, face, personality, and overall look and feel. This is the person that your patients are going to get to know, recognize and trust. If you continually change out this person (changing logo colors, changing the tone of your practice, changing the overall look and feel) they will not be recognizable, it will change peoples perception of your practice, and it will cause some to question your legitimacy.  

1). Do you recognize me??

It is hard to remember someone, especially someone you just met, if they change dramatically every time you see them. If their appearance or their personality changes it is less likely that people will remember them. If your logo is changing colors on everything you put it on, or your brand shifts from a silly and cute tone to dramatic and serious and never stays constant it won’t be as recognizable. Your patients should be able to know who you are and whenever you are reaching out to them. Consistency is important, whether it is through your website, a phone call, or direct mail piece. 

2). Perception is everything

How do you want your brand to be perceived? For starters, you will want to have a clear message about who you are and what you do.  If this message is alway changing from one thing to another, peoples perception about your practice will likely change with it. This creates conflict and confusion.

3). Too legit to Quit?

You want to be legit in everything you do, from your accredidations to how your brand is portrayed it all matters. If your brand is inconsistent it makes you look unorganized, unprofessional and cheep. Every point of contact you have with your current and potential patients should be consistent. This consistency keeps you looking put together and adds credibility to your practice

When Developing your brand here is a short list of things to keep in mind that build consistency:

  1. Have a mission statement: Who you are, what you do, what you want to accomplish
  2. Brand personality: How do you want to come across to people? What is the tone and voice of your practice? What kind of imagery do you want to use?
  3. Logo Variations: Pick options for how your logo appears and only allow these specific variations. Can it be black, white, etc. Can it be all text or should it be just the logo mark without text? These are itmes you need to decide on.
  4. Fonts used: Pick 2-3 fonts that will always be used, from your website to print material and everything in-between.
  5. Colors: Your colors should stay consistent throughout your brand.

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